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Transport from Cambridge to Warwickshire OR up the A1 towards Notts...NOW SORTED


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We are trying to get two hamsters from xClairex in Foxton (near Cambridge) to Theo in Warwickshire.

Can anyone help in getting them from Foxton straight over to Warwickshire?

Alternatively, can anyone help in getting them a bit further up the A1 northwards to meet me and I will then get them over to Theo?

If all else fails, then me and my OH will do the whole run ourselves. We are north Notts so it is quite a long drive and any help would be appreciated.

They come with two large cages (Barney cage and Hamster Heaven cage), so these will need transporting too.

It is quite urgent and we could do with getting it sorted this weekend.

Thanks in advance.

Tracy & Theo
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If nothing happens before next week I can do next Weds from Foxton to Peterborough and a bit further north. Sadly just got back from vet in Cambridge today to see this when I got home!
I MAY be able to get someone else to pick them up this afternoon/evening - can you ask xClairex what times she is in?

If I can do this it will be a HUGE favour for me from the person involved (the guy who shares our house and works in Cambridge) so will need a large time frame (4-7pm for pick up would be perfect) and a very very smooth hand over. and address.

They will then come direct to me 5km west from A1 peterborough junction. I can take them as far up as Stamford junctions.
If this is ok with Tracy and helps for part of her journey then I'm in all day today so any time is fine with me.
The cages are both 80x50cm and up to 50cm high so if they fit in the car it'll be quick to pop them in (I'll move all toys to the lower level so they don't slide about)
I'll pm parsnipbun my address.
Thank you

I shall do prelims and then await TRacy and keep you in touch claire - if you could send me a mobile/land line as well that would be fab. i shall email the person at Cambridge now - his name is Steve.
Thank you

I shall do prelims and then await TRacy and keep you in touch claire - if you could send me a mobile/land line as well that would be fab. i shall email the person at Cambridge now - his name is Steve.

Thank you for offering to help :D
I've pm'd you my details.
PS I have emailed him - await reply. Its not my OH but a very close friend so hoping he will do it - only problem could be the appaling traffic in Cambridge on Fridays.
Have been out all morning, so only just seen this - sorry.

Twigs - if the pick up in Cambridge goes ahead today, then I can meet you at any time over the weekend...whatever fits best with you.

I am out this afternoon, but will be back around 4pm, so can do later today/tonight or any time Sat/Sun.

I can then sort out a time with Theo, the hamsters can stay with us a day or so if necessary.

Thanks very much for your help. :D
Have had confirmation of pick up later this afternoon - they will be here by 7pm.

Tracy - I can meet you further up the A1 if you like - say Stamford pull off - at a specific time - OR if you didnt mind you can come here at any time over the weekend. It will be an extra 20 mins for you rather than the Stamford meet up but its a lot easier for us as we can just get on with cleaning out buns etc and expect you whenever you can make it..

But realise you also have lots of buns to clear out!!
We can come and pick up from you, Twigs. An extra 20 mins is no problem, you have saved us a good chunk of the journey by organising the pick up from Cambridge.

Possibly tomorrow morning might be good for us, I'll check with Paul when he gets in from work. I think we still have the route to your place saved from last time we visited.
Just want to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who has arranged transport for the hammies, you are all amazing and I appreciate your help so much.

Steve has just collected the hamsters.
They have all their toys, plenty of food and some treats.

Thanks again everyone :D
Wooohoo, they're on their way. :thumb:

I'm currently sorting out a time to meet Theo. We will collect the hammies from Twigs and drive them straight over to Theo.
They are here now - much to the consternation of Parsley Piert the total free range one of the house bunnies - the sudden appearance of two cages in the hallway has made him most curious . . and alarmed. Especially with the upheavals anyway of us having Pumpkin in as she is ill . . he feels invaded!!

Huge thanks to Steve for helping with this . .