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Bunsk - 2010 to 2014


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Where do I start Bunsk?

I fell in love with you in Pets at home and we had to have you. We knew nothing of rabbits, but were willing to learn, so home you came. I still remember the first day, you were so scared, but you wouldnt move off me and we cuddled.




As you grew, you bonded to J. He loved you so much. You'd sleep in our bed and drive us potty. We'd have to get under the duvet away from you when you were running about like a loon.


Then we got Belle for you. You loved her so much, and she taught you even more naughty tricks.



You loved the outside and rarely wanted to come back in.


I wish I'd have been with you when you passed. I'm sorry.

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Oh no :cry: my heart sank when I saw this :cry: I'm so sorry :cry: Binky free at the bridge Bunsk. Sending hugs xx
Oh no :(

Chul I am so very sorry, my heart sank when I saw what section this was posted in.

Binky free lovely Bunsk xxx
I'm so sorry to see this sad news. :cry: Bunsk was one of my favourite RU buns.

Binky free Bunsk. xxx
Oh no, I'm so so sorry :cry: I loved seeing pictures of Bunsk, he was so gorgeous :cry:
Binky free little man :cry: xxx
Oh no...not Bunsk :cry::cry::cry:
Chul, I'm so very sorry :cry: ((((((((((Massive hugs)))))))))))) for you. xxxx
I'm sorry to hear about Bunsk, he was a gorgeous gorgeous bunny.
Hope you are ok Chul (hugs) xx