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Water hyacinth toys - worth replacing if destroyed?


Young Bun
My bunnies absolutely destroy anything made out of this one particular material - I think it's water hyacinth (it's the bottom of the three balls in this pic http://www.wilko.com/small-animal-toys/wilko-fun-ball-trio-for-small-animals/invt/0303671 )- it started with a trio of balls that turned into a duo when the water hyacinth one got decimated overnight, and they're currently working on tearing apart and eating their £18 house made out of the same stuff :( Unfortunately I can't afford to replace things every time they get ripped to shreds as they only last a matter of days - should I stop buying things made out of this or would that mean that they'd destroy other stuff instead e.g. my furniture (being on-and-off free range rabbits)? I've given them cardboard tubes etc which they enjoy throwing around, but the only thing they seem interested in actually chewing now is their house...
I buy these they last 3 or 4 days too yes they are meant to be destroyed keeps them from getting bored have you got the nylon balls with bells stuff like that they will enjoy throwing about and playing with :D

Mine had the carrot and corn thingy lasted a lit longer or anything that rattles is good but if it's got small balls inside just keep an eye on it

I had this too lasted a couple weeks but they loved it even when it collapsed :lol:

http://www.petsathome.com/shop/wood...cm_re=barilliance-_-up sell-_-product details
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Yes that P@H house is the one they've got (thought it was £18) and it's the one they're tearing apart at the moment. Thanks to their tearing and the fact it's not rigid, it collapsed down like a cardboard box after 24 hours and now they're using it to chew and sit on but they haven't got anything to hide in apart from their green tunnel (and there are two of them so I'd rather have two places to hide!).

I'll see what I can find that rattles, thanks for the tip.
I think Spenser's chill-chew-mat is made from water hyacinth. These are one of the few toys he bothers with, he has three on the go at the moment, in various states of semi-detruction!
Mine love water hyacinth too. If I could just get those in a three pack I'd buy them but mine aren't fussed by the seagrass or willow ones. They do however love the willow toys I get from my local feed barn. They're made from a thicker willow so they chew nearly the whole thing, unlike the thinner willow which they just destroy and leave the bits laying around the room. So they tend to last a few days longer. I just buy a few every time I go (they don't tend to have that many in stock). They're about £2.50 for a medium sized ball, I can't remember the manufacturer though.
Just spent ages looking online and I can't find a house that's a) made of natural materials (that aren't water hyacinth), b) big enough for my bunnies - even the ones that are advertised for rabbits are so small!! and c) within my price range (up to around £25). So I'm thinking I might just get a willow or cardboard tunnel - all I want is something for them to be able to hide in and I guess it doesn't really matter what shape it is! They like chewing twigs and wooden things so hopefully they can satisfy their destructive side by chewing their wooden toys and the twigs from my apple tree :)
Cardboard boxes are great (and free). They usually like three entrances, and always seem to like remodelling them!
I buy water hyacinth stuff BECAUSE the bunnies destroy it :lol: they obviously love it, which I thought was the whole point of buying it in the first place :?Personally I would rather buy things they like!
I buy water hyacinth stuff BECAUSE the bunnies destroy it :lol: they obviously love it, which I thought was the whole point of buying it in the first place :?Personally I would rather buy things they like!

I agree! Macaron is forever chewing up the mats. He has the £10 home too from P@H, we just see his munching as re-designing his bedroom!