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Something is going wrong

I have a new update and questions. Cookie has been sick for 13 days in total. At his last vet visit on Wednesday, the vet gave him a Prevomax injection and increased the dose of painkillers. Everything was almost perfect for the next 2 days, Cookie was 95 percent back to normal. All his poops had returned to normal size, he was eating a lot of hay and drinking water well, his whole routine was back to normal. But since last night, his situation seems to be a bit unstable again, He is grinding his teeth occasionally again, and some of his poops are starting to get smaller again(Not all, but some of them are small, there are both small and normal poops). So the occasional teeth grinding and small poops still happen sometimes. Are these ups and downs normal?
Also the vet also gave me lactulose, but since Cookie was eating normally and everything was back to normal, I never started it. I didn't see the need for this, what do you think? Do you think I should start?