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New boys in town

He has appointment with specialised exotic vet tomorrow. For now we manage pain with Loxicom, he has two antibiotics, x-rays were passed on to exootic vet that treat him when he needed extraction and then we will see.
So far, we know that at least one tooth must come out, the root is pressing in eye area, there is also puss. The vet who does this kind of operation is gone this week, so next wednesday I'm taking him back.

He is now on Loxicom 12 hrs, Novasul 12 hrs and Sustrepen injection (sort of penicilin). Oh and eye gel, just to keep it moist (the same I can use for me). As long as he has spark, will, eats on his own I'm "happy" to pay for the vet. :)
Sending lots more vibes and best wishes for your appointment next Wednesday. Hopefully the meds will help.
Boy came home yesterday. I'm syringe feeing him, he does not eat much by himself. No more injections, but twyo antibiotics, 2 pain meds and for a few days gut medicine.. Will try giving him some salad now. Just to see how he does with that.
Henlo! Lately I'm sleeping on sofa as I findout I sleep better. SO we have a pawty with Brko. Every morning he jumps up and runs all over :D He had another checkup yesterday. It has been a full month after his precedure. Still not 100% healed, so another check up in 14 days. Untill then NSAID and antibiotics. It is healing, nothing inflamed, he is feeling better, eye is smaller, but not back to the normal size. Just I guess all the meds he has been on in the last 12 months made his healing a bit slower.

yummy yummy fresh dandelion in the tummy