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New boys in town

Brko is happy hopping, eating, being cheeky little bun. But his checkup today was anything but good. After almost whole two months after tooth extraction, antibiotics and pain meds, still not healed as it should be. Not infected though. So we have two option. One is to "wait and see". 1. He is off medst starting today. ANd we will see his behavior, weight, poops... And book him for a checkup in a month or two if all goes well. If he starts to go downhill CT scan is the next step. And it will be quite costly-300€.
Oh my. Little Sherlock went to the vets for his spur burring after almost 1.5 year. Good boy....He was so scared. I warned them about handling, and gave them his towel for wraping him out. Well When I pick him up the vet said-can you just come with me and pick him up in the crate yourself, he is a bit of screamer. And it is heartwrenching hearing him screem. So I did. He was not screaming when I picked him, but he is still not a fan of being handled.

Back at home he hide behind cage for good 2 hours.

He is fine today. Still on gut meds and little pain dose in case of sore jaw. I trick him drop of yummy and then not so yummy. Works well. Pics to bo followed. Hopefully soon.
Poor Sherlock, it's awful when they are so scared, and you can't explain to them. Hope he'll be fine now xx
It has been a while. Baby sure makes life different :) A little uptade. I'm happy that Sherlock is healthy, got relaxed around a little creature, that now moves like soldier (still not propper crawling, but she has time to learn that). I'm always there to suprvise. And we have baby gates so she can not get in the pee/poo area. I will try to make some nice photos. ...Brko on the other hand. IS now doing better. In november he had nasal discharge-we took him to the vet and it was fungus that we treated. Last tuesday he refused to eat- critical care, sryinge and his movement was off in the circles. I caled the vet, next morning. The baby, the bunny and I were to the vet. Somene should take a photo. Baby in cariier, bunny in his carrier and umbrela in my hands. We are awaiting results for e.cuniculi and toxoplasmosis. And are treating for both optins. He eats on his own now, hopes better. No more in the cirle movement. We hope for the best.

I have 1 pair of slippers and sweatpants for enclousrure, I desinfect more (the "grey zone") and toilets... Busy timel
Sorry to hear that Brko has had to go to the vets, you must have looked a picture carrying them both. Hope the tests results come back clear, and that he's soon back to his normal self. Sending lots of vibes for him x
Hello, I am sorry that Brko is unwell again. Has the Vet ruled out a middle ear infection. You mention he had a respiratory tract infection not too long ago, RTIs and ear problems are often linked. I really hope he will eventually make a good recovery.

It sounds as though you have a lot to keep you very busy. I am sure that your Baby makes sure of that !
Nice to hear from you again :love: I hope that Brko's results come back clear. Life will certainly be different with an additional little person :)
I'm glad Sherlock is doing well. :love: I'm sorry Brko is poorly, though, poor boy. It sounds like you needed more than two hands for his vet visit! I hope the results of the tests will be helpful. I'm glad he's at least eating again, and not circling anymore. Sending Brko lots of vibes. :love:
A baby and bunnies certainty keep you busy. I am happy to hear Sherlock is doing well and Brko is improving. Sending positive vibes for you all
I got Horrible with photos....Anyway Brko is doing just fine. After antibiotics, metacam and Panacur he has slight tilt of head but most people just don't see it. He is fine, happy chappy. And his personal record- it has been more than a year now since his dental (extraction and burring). SO I'm suprised to say the least. Sherlock had his dental work in monday. I choose to drove him aprox 1 hour to specialised clinic and not nearby clinic that also does burring rabbits teeth. And I'm happy that I did as he got way less scared home. Meaning, they know better how to handle scared rabbits.