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Worried I Will Step on Rabbit


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If your rabbit free roams inside, is it safe? I'm really worried about accidentally stepping on my rabbit if I try this & wondered if anyone has any tips?

Sadly I recently heard of this happening to someone by an older child distracted on their phone & the rabbit then had seizures & was pts, how awful.

When mine runs around the garden I have to always keep her in my sight before I move because she tends to suddenly appear by my feet, I could easily step on her without noticing how close she is. I imagine inside as the space is much smaller, it would be more risky. What are your thoughts & experience on this please?
You can make bunny safe areas using something like puppy run panels and use baby gates on doorways (but you may need to mesh over the bars so bunny doesn't get its head stuck). Then you can open up a wider area when it's safer to do so. Areas like kitchens are probably higher risk as you are moving about more and tend to be doing / carrying things so pay less attention to where your feet are, plus that's where FOOD comes from, so bunny may find it more attractive to hang around the fridge, etc.
You have to develop the bunny shuffle walk at times,especially if rabbits think you are carrying food or treats.My bridge pair woud run in circles round my feet.
🤣 you beat me to it. The house rabbit shuffle is the only thing that works. That said my boy rabbits have always had a stupid habit of lying on the landing right in the way of my massive feet when I get up in the night for a wee. I say stupid as they repeatedly did it even after more than one accidental collisions with my feet
My rabbit is completely free like a cat, he always runs in circles at my feet from time to time, but you get used to living like this. There is no problem, you adapt to this situation and develop walking skills accordingly 😂