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Sky- My Rock. 06-10-2005 - 28-08-2013 *Video added post 85*

My Very Good Friend. I dreamt about you last night. It’s been nearly ten years and you felt exactly the same. Nearly ten years, and still sometimes it catches me off guard that you’re not here- same as them all, really.
My very good boy.

It’s been exactly ten years since you left. That’s all the time in the world, and no time at all. My life has moved on. It’s grown around my grief. But the grief is still there and I still miss you deeply. I also still feel you though.

You were, and have stayed, my best ever friend. And I do very much wish you were here. But you can’t be.

I wish I could still return from work and be greeted by you. I wish I could still bend down and get bunny kisses on my fire head. I wish I could still have company that wanted me for me- not as a good machine.

Please know, that you’ll always be remembered and held deeply inside everything I do.

You’re here, and I’m holding you tight.

All my love SkyGuy.

Sending you millions of hugs. X
I'm afraid I'm not really good with words but what I can say is that I know how you feel and special companions will always make a special impact on our lives and our hearts. We treasure their lives and their love and we carry around their memories for ever. Xx
Thank you all so much for caring enough and taking the time to reply. Anniversaries are hard but ten years felt a lot harder than nine, and many others.