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Rabbit - is she at PHAdoption in West Yorkshire?? UD Post 90

Hiya! I printed off the original rehoming sheet with picture on and took it in to Chester P@H - they phoned the woman and then phoned halifax.

Ah thanks. She told me she'd moved onto a narrow boat so I assumed the phone number would no longer be any use to me, so didn't even consider ringing it.

Thank you for finding her :love::love:
Eloise is very lucky that you and Ru tracked her down and to have you. From all you have said she probably isn't spayed but I wouldn't base it on the dewlap. Julie was spayed as soon as he vet said she was old enough. She did not show any signs of hormones but still she developed a good size dewlap. It came way after her spay. I think that the orginal ad for Eloise would of mentioned a spay if she was. My Chrissy was never spayed but was not nasty/ show any signs of hormones nor did she have a dewlap. She died at age 8.
I got to hear the "growling" that Eloise does tonight - I reached into the hutch to feed her but couldn't get the food in the bowl because she was shoving her her under my hand :lol: Then after about 10 - 15 minutes of massaging her head and shoulders I stopped and moved away, she immediately started frantically running around and let out a noise I would describe as impatience or indignation - how dare I stop stroking her? :lol::lol: Oh my god she was so cute and so, so determined I wasn't going to leave her. She reminded me so much of my Scrappy, which as a wonderful for any bun to do. Eloise also chins treats when you pass them to her - she's hysterical, it's ages since I've seen a bun do so much chinning :love::love:
Thank you to everyone who helped me find Eloise 11.5 years ago, and for sharing my joy of having been able to adopt her.

Eloise has been with me longer than any other rabbit and was losing weight rapidly over the last few weeks, though still had an amazing spark and zest. Due to arthritis in her legs she was falling over but usually managing to get back up herself. Even on her last day, she still went into a frenzy at pellet o'clock and Fenugreek Crunchy time.

My sweet, beautiful Eloise passed over to the rainbow bridge yesterday morning at 6.30am.
I am so sorry for your loss. She was lucky to have you to give her wonderful care and love during her long life.
Sending you lots of hugs at this difficult time.