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Rabbit - is she at PHAdoption in West Yorkshire?? UD Post 90

No time for photos unfortunately as Mick from Sue's Rabbit Rescue as just asked if I can do an emergency foster for a rabbit that's been picked up as a stray - in an area where there are a lot of foxes :cry::cry:

The accommodation I've got left is not great but better than the alternative.
Going back out to sort out crappy old hutch (will upgrade within a day or two to better)
I had to go out i couldn't stand the stress!! :lol::lol::lol: Thankfully came back to positive news - so glad I was able to find her for you :love::love: I think the name Maggie is sweet - Maggie the magpie :love::love: Or you could always name her after me :oops::oops::oops: Suzie xx
I got such a big stupid grin on my face when I read that! :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:


Thanks to everybody who has posted saying that they got a happy feeling reading the update.

I can't believe how lovely this bunney is - reading the info on the RR page it sounds like her temperament is questionable, but Erin was described as 'moody' too and she is the dearest, sweetest bunney too :love::love: 'Maggie' or whatever she will be known as, absolutely loves her nose rubs - she just comes over, lays her head down and then when you are massaging her head she closes her eyes and drifts off :love::love: I haven't had chance to spend much time with her but she's also managed to nudge me when I stopped stroking :love::love:

No photos today I'm afraid. The stray turned out to be a big bunster (I think probably a New Zealand White) so the small hutch wasn't good enough for him. I've turfed Barnaby out of his big hutch and he's in a cage in the living room at the moment (no heating) - he'll be going back out into a hutch tomorrow when I can sort out some accommodation for him.

Edit to add: Nearly forgot - I think the reason the Halifax branch denied having 'Stinky' with them is I asked about a MAGPIE harlequin and described grey and white stripy - she's not magpie at all, she's a lovely pale beige, so not how I described. So, I ain't got a magpie harlequin in Little Dot's memory after all but she is very beautiful. And... if she had gone when I got there I would probably have come home with the rabbit next to her - oh what a beauty :love::love: A very dark harlequin lop with such a beautiful dark/mottled face, perfectly divided down the centre - she took my breath away, she was also sociable. If Maggie hadn't have been sociable there is a possibility I'd have come away with the other rabbit :oops::oops:
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Oh its so great to hear all about how she is settling in! Two gorgeous bunsters in one day.... I am not sure who is luckiest...them or you! :love::love:
:thumb::love::love::love::love:yeah - Im so pleased for you, Barnaby and this new gorgeous girl! Great thread and so exciting to read!
Yay! :D

So glad it has all worked out.
She sounds lovely :love::love:

Thank you. And seeing as, because of time differences, you rarely the first to read RU news, you can be the first to know that:

*drum roll*

She's called "Eloise".
Eloise is a lovely name!! :love: (Just realised its now 20 past 2 as totally forgot about the clock change again).

Will look forward to piccies when you have time.
Thank you. And seeing as, because of time differences, you rarely the first to read RU news, you can be the first to know that:

*drum roll*

She's called "Eloise".

Gorgeous name :D
Hope you get everybun sorted out accommodation wise & the new buns settle well.
Things must be very busy at your place.
I only got chance for one photo unfortunately as it said "card full" and I couldn't work out how to delete from the card whilst in the camera, I was too busy to put the computer on and do it here etc. I've been buying a hutch for Barnaby, clearing a space for it etc but sadly haven't got it assembled yet.

Foster bun, I'm calling him Boris for now, is quite friendly though his eyesight makes for him startling easy. He's alright as soon as he sees your not a threat. How he managed to get through 3 nights without foxes catching him is a miracle. I realised today that the poor boy's back legs are yellow and he has yellow patches on the side of his body too, wonder if that indicated he had a companion, as in getting sprayed. Anyhow, he seems happy enough now

So, the one photograph (and a short and not very interesting video, if you can be bothered with it!)