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In Remembrance: Su (Cannonwoman)

I didn't know Su nor have i seen this thread before but these tributes are so beautiful. She seemed like a special person.

She was and I will always be grateful that we became close friends. We had a lot in common and we could understand things about each other that few 'outsiders' were able to do.

She is at peace now, of that I am sure xx
As I have said before I often think of you Su, especially when I see a rainbow.
I remember your laugh above all else. xx
Su, tomorrow it will be 9 years since you left the unbearable mental anguish behind. The hours we spent talking make me certain that you are now at peace and for that I am glad. I still miss you a lot dear friend and I think of you often. As 'things' are for me now I know that you are probably the only one who could ever come close to understanding. I also know that, where-ever your soul is now,you understand the decision I have made. No judgement, no criticism, just acceptance. As it was when you were here. We both accepted each others point of view, that sometimes the 'solution' is the one everyone else tells us is wrong.

As the song we downed many glasses of vino says Su, 'It's 5 O'Clock somewhere'...............


She sounds like she was a lovely lady who is very sadly missed by everyone who was lucky enough to know her :love: I am sure she is resting in peace now xx
This thread is new to me too, Su sounded lovely, I'm sure I would have like you too Su, rest in peace xxx
Though we never 'met' here at RU, leaving my most heartfelt thoughts for Su, who sounds to have been a most amazing individual. At peace and blessedly remembered by those who loved her. xxxx

In rememberance: su (cannon woman)

I will never forget Su (cannonwoman) remember her shaving her head:D she still looked gorgeous after her hair cut:) was such a shock when she grew her wings:cry:RIP SU you took your last flight on angels wings:)