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How much do your Dentals normally cost (If you dont mind me asking)


Warren Scout
Just curious, Bugs is having one on monday and they have quoted me £160 ish, this is including an x-ray. Just wanted to know if that sounded about right. Never had a dental done before and have no idea if thats about right or not.
Bubbles has had two dentals and they cost me just over £60 each, without x-rays, so your price is probably about right (unfortunately).
Sounds about right to me, a normal dental at my vets is about £100 and an x-ray is £60 :)
Thanks for letting me know. Im terrible I allways want to know if im being overcharged or not.
I know bug's came as shock, he is 4 and half and this is his first one, Pet insurance wont cover it either. They said I could have taken proventitive measures.

Some people on here have insurance where it covers dentals, maybe ask them which one and challenge your insurance.

Although you can take preventative measures, this is not always enough and it can be through genetics/age also. I would certainly challenge the insurance with some back up information.
I think the price you have been quoted sounds about right - so long as they stick to their estmate!

I haven't had any dentals at my current vet, but my last vet used to quote £70 for just the dental. Chloe's dental cost £70 but Peter's were usually £120-£130 a time then he needed critical care, painkillers, gut stimulant,etc which bumped it up during the week after the op.
With regards to the insurance I am with petplan, They say that they dont cover any dental work because it is all preventative (bascially saying that it is my fault). My argument was that you cant force feed a rabbit hay no matter how much you know they need to eat it. Still trying to find his favorite hay so that should help his teeth once we find one he likes enough to have a big munch out on. As he was a rescue bun and we dont know anything about his past life apart from he was probally badly treated.
I know that Louise and Gus has had petplan pay out for dentals before, although most dental work doesn't seem to be covered with most insurers as it is considered to be a normal, routine thing that needs doing, a bit like vaccinations (and more to the point, probably constitutes 80% of most bunny related problems so would be horribly costly to them!) By saying it's preventative work they're not saying that it's your fault, but many dental issues can be detected and dealt with before they cause actual illness, so they deem dental work as being something that prevents an illness rather than causes it :? My cats dentals have never been covered by their insurance either, and those are about £150 each.

The policies I've seen have said that dentals are covered if the rabbit has had a full vet dental check within the past 12 months and any work needed was done at the time.

It's one of those things where it's worth asking them if they'll pay up but not being surprised if they won't.
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