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Could Sophie get some vibes? Another dental

It is good you tested her food preferences. It is still early days, so I am not surprised she still needs softened pellets. Fewer tooth grinding is a positive too.
With the one tooth missing, will the opposing tooth need regular trimming even if she ate lots of hay? Sorry for my ignorance on this topic.
Sending more vibes for Sophie, Casper too.
Yeah, I'm not surprised, either. I think it'll be a little while before she'll eat her hay normally again.
That's okay! From what I've read in the past, that's not really a problem, as the teeth on both sides of the missing one will help keep the opposing tooth short, since those teeth will move against it while chewing.
Thank you for the vibes for Sophie, and for Casper, too. 😊 Casper's been really happy. He's been zooming and binkying a lot these past two days!
Sophie had her check up today (and laser therapy) and her mouth is healing well. 😊 She's still not eating much hay, but the vet and I think her mouth is still a bit sensitive. So, hopefully she'll be able to eat more hay soon. She's been eating a lot of forage and greens, and has been enjoying destroying one of their rugs, so she's doing well otherwise. 🥰
Aww, thank you so much, everyone. 🥰 She continued to enjoy destroying the rug today, until I had to take it away becauses somebunny had peed on it. 😁
Just a little update on Sophie, we stopped the Cisaral last week, and yesterday was her first day without the Bupredine and the Mirtazapine (the appetite stimulant), and she's been doing really well. She's been binkying lots. 😍 She's still not eating much hay, though, but she tries. I can tell that it's still a bit uncomfortble for her to eat, so we'll give her some more time to heal. She still has her Metacam for any remaining soreness.
Oh bless her, well done Sophie ! So pleased that she is binkying and happy 😍 Hopefully the gap where the tooth was will soon be healed over completely x
Exactly. She prefers stalky hay, which is what she keeps trying and failing to eat. She manages much better when she tries the soft hay.
awww, what a sweetie. She must love it v much to keep trying when there is easier to manage soft hay options for her. I think Boo only eats the soft hays now, until recently she always chose stalky
awww, what a sweetie. She must love it v much to keep trying when there is easier to manage soft hay options for her. I think Boo only eats the soft hays now, until recently she always chose stalky
She does really like her stalky hay, yes. Did Boo change to the soft hay when she had her trouble with her mouth?