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Squeaky retching sound


Wise Old Thumper
I've heard Nutmeg do this before but only ever once and always after having a drink. Tonight though she did it three times in a row. I was quite near her so managed to see if there was any mucus or discharge and there was none that I could see, however her chin was all wet so it was difficult to differentiate.

Should I worry? I didn't before because although she's done it on a few occasions in the past it was only once. It seems to be when she drinks in awkward positions so I'm wondering if it's a bit of air? I know they can't burp but can they still get a bit of air stuck further up?

The sound itself is kinda a cross between a retch and a half a hiccup.
Ive seen gracie drink so fast she makes a sort of coughing noise? its happened twice but never since, do you think maybe she took the water a bit quickly? xxx
It's really sudden. You can see it taking her by complete surprise. Almost like a sneeze but it doesn't sound anything like a sneeze.
Yeah ive actually thought gracie was choking a few times shes not done it since the vet said like any of us they can get bits of hay or food stuck and they sort of cough to get rid of it but unless its continious its nothing to worry about.
id just keep my eye on her as long as shes eating and dosent seem poorly xxx
this is sort of what I meant a while back with Princess when I mentioned rabbits sort of 'burping' but she doesnt really make any noise, I think with princess its cos she tilts her head to the side to drink
Gracie sort of does a hiccup sort of thing too, i think she must have spent her first few months of life with me at the vets :) i was always worrying about something or a new noise she made :roll: xxx
Nutmeg is quite a vocal bun. She wheezes, vet reckons she had pasterella when she was younger, and it's damaged her lungs a bit. So I wonder if that's why it's quite loud. I'm not too worried about it cos she doesn't do it all the time. If it gets worse though I'll get her checked over.
Did you ever discover what this was as we have the same issue with our Rabbit?

Did you ever discover what this was as we have the same issue with our Rabbit?
Did you ever discover what this was as we have the same issue with our Rabbit?

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Have you taken your Rabbit to be examined by a Rabbit Savvy Vet?