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Spaying - what to expect


Mama Doe
Honey is going in for her spay on Friday and I was wondering what I should expect of her when she comes home. Also, as her and Hobo share a hutch should I separate them overnight or leave them together - they don't mount each other or get physical so I am thinking of leaving them together - what do you think?
Will see you friday night when we pick up the guineas then julie.
I would leave them together.
Honey might be a bit sore and quiet but should still eat even if it's only a small amount.
Simon and the team are very good and won't let her home if she isn't behaving normally. As in eating drinking pooing and weeing.
She will have had injection for pain relief and one of long acting antibiotic.
Good luck Honey will be thinking of you on Friday
I have just reread your post and understand now - see you at the vets - duh-thicko me!! I first thought you were coming over to mine to nick my guineas and I was about to get all protective and say hands off my guineas :x
Poor Honey. It really is a big operation.

You should leave her with her partner. I made the mistake of not bringing Caesar when I took her to the vet to be spayed.

She was very nervous and when she heard my footsteps coming to get her she shakily stood up an gave me the most pittiful look. I swore I would never leave her alone anywhere over night again EVER.

The vet said she slept in her little fleece cat bed and wouldn't leave it all night.

She was pretty groggy but very glad to be home. She ate a bit and slept cuddled up with the Geeze all night. Her stitches and the whole shaved area was bigger than I expected and she was tender for about a week. She also had a strong aversion to being held (head up, bum down, on my chest). She much preferred and still does to be picked up sideways and held flat across my arm.

After about 2 weeks her personality changed quite a bit. She became much more placid, less territorial and much more interested in strokes and cuddles. Yippie.

You might get stitches that disolve on their own. I would say that as they stay in longer than regular stitches, you should give them a wipe with diluted anisthetic everyday.

Good Luck Honey Bunny!
Well - good news, all went very well and Honey is home and happy. I was well impressed by the vets and they were so much more understanding with her than my usual vets - I think they have a new customer. It is worth the extra drive to get them looked after properly. Thanks Tracy for the recommendation - the guineas looked perky on Friday morning so they all got over their ops well.
Whey hey well done Honey.
Pleased that it all went. Also that you like the vets they're not a bad bunch.

Guineas made it home and as you say all are well and happy.