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Snotty Nosed Casper

Thank you everyone for the kind words. They mean alot to me.
Heidi managed to do Caspers PM today, she found a tumour in his stomach and his stomach had ruptured and also torsioned round his liver. Well, I think thats what she said about the torsion I got a bit confused as I was shocked by what she said. He looked as though he passed away peacefully in his sleep not long before I got up and went through to see him. He was lying stretched out with his head down as did when he was sleeping. God do I wish bunnies could speak and tell us these things. I hope he didn't suffer too much and listened to everything I told him last night before I put him to bed and that Thumps, Oscar, Toffee and Sweepie were all waiting for him at the bridge and that Sweeps is being kind to him.

:love: Oh Angela - Lots of healing vibes coming from the barmy Bromsgrove clan - I've got everything crossed for Casper - sounds like he has a lot to cope with at the mo - Fancy shoving Greens up his little nose to annoy him! - what are you like Gal!!

Just a thought but when Cagney went off her Food last night the one thing that did tempt her (albeit just a little) was some organic baby food - I think this is o.k to give on short term basis to help bunnies recouperate but I watered it down quite a bit so at the same time it increased her water intake as she wasn't drinking as much as usual.

Loooooooots and lots of snuggle hugs for you and casper - and were thinking of you.
:cry: :cry: :cry:
Oh Angela I'm so soooory - I'm not sure if my other message will post but I'm sorry if it upsets you any more as stupid :roll: me I didn't ready down all the post before I replied.

I really feel for you and you were so good last night giving me loads of advice even though you had a poorly boy on your hands too - Cagney send a snuggle to say thanks for all your help and I know it will be so difficult for you at the mo but at least little Casper had lots of love and a smashing mum to care for him.

Binki Free little one - Maybe Casper will say Hello to my Dillon when he gets over the bridge eh! - they can share a bunnytale or two together!
Oh Angela, I am so sorry to hear the outcome of poor Casper. Please try just to think on all the love and comfort you gave him. I know it just isn't fair and I don't know what else to say to comfort you but we are all with you.

Lots of Love from
I'm so sorry to hear that Casper lost his fight for life.

Love and hugs coming your way Angela, You did everyt hing that you could for that poor little man.
Dear Angela

I'm just so sorry to hear about Casper :cry: I've only had my own rabbits so a short time and already I've become very fond of them all. You did your very best for Casper and he was very lucky to have such a caring mum.
ohhhhhhhh im sorry to hear about that i know how u feel waking and finding a bunny passed away but least he is put out of misary and he has friends waiting for him. Iv had bunnies die in my arms but when they did i felt better they were in my loving arms but and they were peacefull deaths.
ill be thinking of u and hope u fell better soon
I really am so very sorry: what can I say that hasn't already been said, you did your best, my dear, nothing could have averted this and he went over the Bridge knowing how much you loved him. Sleep well little one! Big hugs to you. xxxx
Aaww so sorry to hear that he didnt make it. Sounds like there was nothing you could have done to prevent it but you did make his last few days better im sure.
Now look at me.. tears running down my cheeks after reading all the messages.
Big hugs to you.
Love from Chris
Thank you everyone, Im sitting here at work trying to stop tears running down my face after reading your messages. Your all so kind and it's a small comfort to know others have been there. I think he had passed not long before I went through. I'm glad I said everything I did say to him on Monday night, when I said it he looked me straight in the eye. Im so glad he knew how much I love him too. There will never be another Capser but because of him there will one day be room in my heart for another (probably passed over in rescue because of their eyes) REW.

Hi Angela

Hope your o.k - I bet you've got a big bucket by your desk to catch all those tears!!!

Part with bunnies is the most painful thing I think you have to go through -
When we lost our Dill in May to a sudden bacterial infection I thought I'd never get over his loss but lots of good folk (Adele, Jeremy & Caroline) all helped me come to terms with his loss in a positive way.
As you rightly say there will never be another Casper for you just as there will never be another Dillon for me but his loss did pave the way for me to open my heart to help another needy bunny - hence the arrival of Cagney and I'm sure Dill would be proud of his mum for staying brave and continuing to try and help future bunnies.

Hope your doing o.k - Bunny Hugs winging their way.