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Snotty Nosed Casper


Alpha Buck
Hello everyone, if anyone has some spare get well thoughts please send them to Aberdeen.
Casper my beloved REW lop isn't a well boy. He's got something not sure what but I'll call it a bunny cold. Poor guy has always been fine apart from his bladder sludge and teeth probs when he was 3 months but since then he's been fine and he's now about 4. He was fine on Friday and ate his pellets then his bowl of readigrass as normal. Saturday morning it was as if someone had zapped his energy, all he wanted to do was sleep and he hadn't touched his breakfast which is very unlike him. So I gave him some prepulsid and left him in peace but later on still no better so I left him a bit longer (in between trying to put bits of greens up his nose to anger him into eating) anyway later on in the evening he was having to take quite deep breaths and very engery-less and his breathing was quite noisy so phoned the emergency vet and told him what i had given so he said there wasn't much else he would do for him at that time so wait until morning. I did and then booked an appointment (thankfully vet is open for a wee while for emergencies) so we were seen eventually and although his lungs sounded ok (and by then his breathing was normal) but his heart was beating a little fast (wouldn't yours be if you'd been uplifted from your cosy bed and plonked into a carrier?) no blockage in tummy only thing he could see was a snotty nose. So we toddled off home with Baytril and prepulsid etc and when we got home i gave him some more prepulsid as directed. He has pooped a little but he has no real interest in food. He will take fresh parsely though but with his sludge I don't want to give him too much.
After feeding him this morning he took a small piece of fresh greens himself but he kept turning this way and that with it hanging out of his mouth, eventually he went and pee'd a small dribble then came back to living area (fancy apartment he has, the toilet is upstairs lol) he took about 5 mins of this turning this way and that before he ate the greens. It was a bit strange but maybe this is how it always goes with ill bunnies???
So please any spare get well thoughts, send them this way to help a very ill little boy amd his very worried mummy.
Lynda the vet didn't give me anything for pain relief but I have some at home, did wonder about giving him some as he looks to be in pain but wasn't sure, it won't do him any harm anyway will it? Just one drop a day isn't it?
Rally thanks for the suggestion but carrot tops is a hard thing to find here, Asda used to do carrots with the tops but have stopped and I don't grow my own as no garden.
He has pooped some so the food must be getting through. I picked out a small handful of odd shaped poops today.
Poor guy why don't you get bunny Lemsip???
is he sneezing
if so it could be snuffels which wouldnt be a good sign
snuffels is very contagus(sp) to other rabbits
I would check with the vet Angela, make sure there are no contraindications. I think the dosage is 2 drops per Kg of rabbit weight per day. But please check first.
Ok will try to check with vet re pain relief.
Becky he hasn't sneezed at all. The only warning sign I guess could have been that when he eats from a dish his nostrils go a little green but in the 4 or so years I've had him he hasn't sneezed and had a wet nose other than when he's been running about and it's warm. Other than the green nostrils which disappear when I use the food dome rather than a dish so I assume that was from him nosing about in the dish after he was finished and getting dust up them, I really hope thats all it was.
I hope when I get home there is more poop and improvement. Anyone got any ideas whats happened and why all of a sudden? He hasn't been stressed in the slightest, only thing that stresses him is going to the vets. He's a very laid back bunny who doesn't even mind the dog and his hyperness, unless the dog has started whining through the day which is possible as the dog has started getting stressed by next doors dog.
Angela.....so sorry about Casper. As someone said before - if only they could tell you what is wrong!! Re carrot tops - Lidl have bunches of carrots with the lovely tops still on. All their veg is half price as well. I will be thinking of you and Casper :love:
Has the vet checked his teeth? Those flaring up could cause him to be fussy over food/get stressed and the teeth roots are very close to the nose cavity so could be irritating it.

You could try making him some vegetable mush to tempt his eating. Use a fine grater or one of those electric make things into puree machines to mush up his fav veg. Things like carrot, apple, herbs etc. and soak some pellets in water until they go soft. Mush it all together and serve. You can store some in the fridge for later.

Oh sod it, why didn't I check here before I left work, I could have gone to Lidl's when I was out earlier. Actually why didn't I think of it myself? I've bought before but they were a bit dead, well the carots were so I topped them and gave the bunnies a few tops each, all of which disappeared quicker than it took for me to chop them :lol:
Casper was in pain when I got home so I checked with the vets and have given him some metacam and a lovely tummy rub, something worked I popped him back to bed and he munched a bit of spring green!!!!!
Tamsin vet checked Caspers teeth and said although there's a few tiny spurs he didn't think they would be big enough to think they were causing him pain.
Overall the goods new, large pile of poopies when I got home woohoo! Still small and odd shaped but still there was quite a bit if them, never been so happy to poopies :lol:
Ok really must give someone tummy rubs and encourage that eating. We're going back on Thursday to see Heidi (the proper rabbit vet) although she knows what is wrong as I spoke to her while we were waiting to be seen.
Thnak you everyone.
Oh Angela, I've only just seen this, so sorry about poor Casper but at least he seems a bit better now, I hope this continues. Sending him lots of love and tummy rubs through the ether. Keep us informed won't you?
God I hate typing these messages, Casper passed away this morning not long before I got up. I knew it was coming, he was in a lot of pain last night and the metacam wasn't helping although tummy rubs did. He had managed to eat by himself through the day as well. When I put him back to bed last night he lay down and put his little chin down, I knew then he was giving up on me. As I gave him tummy rubs he kept letting out these big sighs and looking at me as if to say oh mum I don't want to go on.

Run free little man and enjoy your binkies with Thumper. Thank you so much for the 3 years but they far too short, if I could I would give anything to have you here in my arms now. I miss you so much already and I know all the tears in the world won't bring you back but I can't help crying for you.
Oh Angela, I am so sorry that this has happened despite all your efforts. We will all be thinking of you.

Love from
Awwwwww no, I'm so sorry Angela. You did your best for him, but it was his time to go I guess.

Thinking of you.

Binky free wee Casper take our love to the spirit buns.
Angela I'm so sorry to hear about Casper, thinking of you :cry:

I'm sure you did all you could for him................. run free little one.

Big hugs coming your wayxx