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sad day


New Kit
Its a very sad day for me I had to have my rabbit who we had for nearly 7 yrs put to sleep. He stopped eating a few days ago when we took him to the vets they thought it may have been his teeth. But on futher examination they found he had a mass of some sort in his abdomen. They said the best thing for him would be to put him to sleep. Has anyone else experienced this with there rabbits? But I would like to say he had a good life with us. He had the run of the garden in the day and a nice hutch to sleep in at night. I dont believe in keeping them penned up. mandy
Really sorry for your loss :cry:, it may have been a tumour or severe stasis, look it up on this forum my bunny has had it about 6 times and lots of other people's bunny have had it too.

I lost two bunnies to it.

It needs to be caught early and you need a rabbit savvy vet, when a bunny stops eating it needs to be seen by a vet that same day asap.
im really sorry :cry::cry::cry::cry:

a bloke i work with had to have his bunny put down because he got a blockage from eating something he should of left alone and they didnt realise he had access too until it was too late. the vet told them that there was very little chance of survival from an operation on the stomach so the kindest thing was to let him go :cry::cry: