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My beautiful Lunar - 2015 - 2023


Alpha Buck
In the early hours of Sunday morning we finally lost our precious little Lunar. After months of treating what was believed to be a lower respiratory infection she was x-rayed in April and found to have a large tumour around her heart/lungs (possibly thymoma) which was thought to have metastasised. She came home on paliative care (steroids) but we were expected to lose her quite shortly after. The little fighter defied the odds and went on for another 2 months with a very good quality of life up until her last 24hrs when her energy levels went down and she was having difficulty eating. In the last couple of hours she started to have difficulty breathing and we knew. I took her up the vet at 5am and she went to sleep very peacefully. We're absolutely in pieces. I'd thought knowing it was coming might make it easier. It didn't. She'd been with us for 8yrs, through all sorts of adversity and made us laugh through the worst of times.
She had a cheeky but so, so lovable personality. She was somewhat independant like a cat but absolutely adored a fuss. In her final weeks for the first time she started to lick my brother and me as she snuggled into us for cuddles. She could not get enough fuss. She was such an athletic girl, always jumping on anything she could find. She once jumped a barrier a full meter high and I couldn't believe that she'd done it.
She was perfect in every way, so incredibly beautiful and sweet and the void she's left cannot be explained. I'm so incredibly proud of her for being such a fighter and so very heartbroken that this time has arrived.
I feel so guilty for the decision I had to make but I know deep down it had to be done to prevent her suffering. But it doesn't stop me feeling so very guilty for signing that piece of paper. I thought it would be easier knowing that it had to be done, that there was no cure and having known that it was coming but I was so, so wrong.
I keep walking past her pen and excpecting her to run up begging for banana. We both miss her so much.
We will always love you sweet Lunar and you will never be forgotten my precious girl.







Lunar was lucky to have you and your brother to give her the love and attention she needed.
Please do not feel bad for allowing her to go peacefully. She was ready.
You wrote a lovely tribute to Lunar. Sending hugs.

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You have given Lunar the most precious gift of love and compassion by granting her a peaceful passing to prevent her suffering. Even though the decision has broken your heart you put Lunar’s needs before your own.

RIP Lunar :love: :cry:
I'm so sorry that yòu had to let your beautifull Lunar go, that is a lovely tribute, and shows how much she was loved. I'm glad she had a peaceful passing knowing you were with her. Run free Lunar xx
I'm so very sorry for your loss. :( Lunar was such a beautiful bunny. You've made such a lovely tribute.
Huge hugs for you. Sleep peacefully. Lunar. xx