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Joey - you were a bad dog, a good boy & a proper rabbit (April 2011- January 2022)

You're all very sweet, thank you for remembering & even missing Joey. Surprisingly where I miss him most is as my office companion. I loved the way he'd whizz through the door then startle, then looked annoyed:lol: whenever he found me in there. At night he'd often sneak in & have a little chew of my business stationary & he'd often sign off (chew the corner) boxed orders. He would come begging for forage & only demolish things when I left the room.

I don't compare Eddy & Joey cos they are so different ...except in my office. Eddy insists on eyeballing me while chewing chunks out of the furniture :shock: Joey at least had the good grace to be sneaky. The noise is so distracting. He's impossible to shut up, weirdly, unless I sing