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Joey - you were a bad dog, a good boy & a proper rabbit (April 2011- January 2022)


Wise Old Thumper
Joey - you were a bad dog, a good boy & a proper rabbit (April 2011- January 2022)

Joey very much liked his collection of special needs wives, Noodle, Boo & Mouse. Joey liked outside, snicketing, surveying his kingdom, refusing to come in: saying he would then binkying away from the door. In Trawden, Joey liked his bunny bothy, herb garden & a good dig in the bark or flowerbeds. Joey liked open doors and free ranging, he liked to run circuits of the room buzzing as he went & he liked foreplay with his Boobly Bear. He liked to sploof & he liked to sphinx. Joey liked to run away with food as much as he liked to eat it. He liked his hay, he liked his forage feasts and he liked to send me on missions for his favourite hogweed, apple twigs & rosehips. Joey liked herbalism, he liked that he felt strong & he liked that he never had antibiotics. Joey liked being sensible & cautious.




Joey liked to chew some stuff, he liked remodelling walls & door of the grade 2 listed house we rented in Wycoller, he liked to chew his Joey emblem on to our clothes & get 4am snacks by gnawing at the bed.
Joey liked being King of the warren. Joey like head strokes, circular massages, gentle chats & pedicures.
Joey liked us too, not all the time, but enough.





Of course he didn't like everything. Joey didn't like noise, especially that caused by sellotape, banging & dog woofs. Joey didn't like cats & he didn't like Rudey. Joey didn't like my singing Joey / Jolene to him. Joey didn't like to travel. Joey also didn't like the nasty tumour on his foot that took him.

I hope you had a good and happy life with us Joey. I hope we left you with dignity & I hope we didn't take you too soon. You will always be in my thoughts Joey & I'll love you forever.

Sleep tight my beautiful & gentle boy :love: I always thought you'd live forever but I am so grateful for 10 years filled with awe & laughter.
You lived well Joey Snicket and brought so much joy to so many of us :love:

Always in our hearts, you most rabbity of rabbits :love:
Such beautiful photos of a very handsome bunny. I loved hearing about you Joey, and the wonderful life that you had, will never forget you handsome boy xxxx
Handsome Joey had a wonderful life with you and his bunny friends. Lovely pic of Joey, Boo, and Mousey too. You knew when it was time for him to hop to the bridge to be free to run pain free. Hugs.
Joey had such a fantastic life and he was truly an amazing rabbit :love:Lovely tribute to him :love:

Binky free at the bridge, Joey xx
Thank you everyone, its comforting to hear all your kind words.

A few more favourite photos of him






A lovely tribute - I can picture exactly the kind of rabbit that he was. RIP beautiful boy xx
I’m pretty certain Joey would be extremely proud and honoured by such an enlightening and very special tribute to a truly exceptional bunny. Your threads connected Joey with the rest of the forum in a very unique and moving way so that in our own ways, we felt we ‘knew’ Joey - and that’s incredibly hard to do. You didn’t just give Joey a life - you gave him the gift of home and your love with mouse and boo and you and Bob. And that is the greatest gift of all for Joey.
A sweet gentle character who was loved by all and surrounded by love.
Sleep tight and binkey hard Joey. Xx
Truly beautiful photos and memories. They really capture characters.

It makes me realise I don't take enough pictures of my buns.
Oh, beautiful Joey. I love all those photos of him. :love: He had such an excellent, lovely life with you all, as the photos clearly show, and as your stories about him have always made clear, too, and he couldn't have had better care and been more loved. He was a special boy, and I'll miss hearing about his adventures. I was always amused whenever you mentioned him not approving of your singing. You've written such a wonderful tribute to him. Sweet dreams, Joey.