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Joey - you were a bad dog, a good boy & a proper rabbit (April 2011- January 2022)

you lit up the hearts of many, Joey.
it is so sad you are gone but such a beautiful tribute to a truly special bun. awesome pics :love:

binky free little fella xxxxx :love:
I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of Joey. He was a classic RU bunny, through and through. I always loved seeing what he was up to with his ladies :love: Binky free lovely boy.
I cannot believe it has been a year already. He was a special bun and I enjoyed your stories and photos.
Sending hugs as you celebrate a life well lived.
Joey will always be remembered and he was one of those very unique very special rabbits that shone brightly. He deserved the life he had and he lived it all to the max. I think a little bit of Joey lives on in all rabbits.
Thinking of you Joey - and if you too.
Craig xx
Gosh, has it been a whole year without lovely Joey already... You must miss him very much, j&b. I was thinking about him the other day when I thought about how much I like agouti bunnies. :love: