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How much do your Myxomatosis jabs cost

I think mine are either £18 or £22 but I can't rememeber which sorry :wave:
I think its under £18... cant remember but ill find out soon when the buns are going for their vaccs :lol:
Well my mates found out about this bunny club and they're doing all jabs for £30! They're all done by professionals as well of course!! They're is also a club to join as well! Bargain!!
Dolly is going for her Myxo tomorrow and I asked the price, quoted £24.95 as the price has gone up :shock: I'm sure I only paid £20 last time.
Thanks guys. My vet usually does a "deal" and he gave me £131 for 7 buns so was just wondering how much of a deal it actually was :lol: He also lets us pay it up over a number of weeks which is good. Saying that we are probably his best customer as we are they pretty often!
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It used to be £15 but when I had the last one done a mth ago it had gone up to nearly £20 each. :shock:
£15 something, can't remember what the pence was when I was there last as Bracken & Dizzee got done so just remember one almight bill with all the jabs too included for the 4 of them :lol:
Just searched for this, I paid 26 for myxo last night - I am def going to shop around, so to speak. To be honest, although I am never going to not vaccinate, regardless of cost, I can see why people don't :(