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Hello bunny lovers


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Hello, my name is Francesca. I have one lonely rabbit’Dave’, we lost Daisy at the age of 11 years old this week, Dave had lived with her all his life, so sad. He such a lovable rabbit, and is used to being bossed around 🤣 hoping to find a bunny wife for him 🤞
Welcom to the forum Francesca :)

I'm so sorry that you have lost Daisy :cry: I hope that you are able to find Dave a super new partner.
Hi and welcome to the forum :wave: so sorry that you and Dave and have lost Daisy. Hope you can find a friend for him when the time is right. Sweet dreams Daisy x
Welcome Francesca. I'm so very sorry you've lost Daisy. :cry: Best of luck finding a new friend for Dave. He sounds like he would be easy to bond. :love:
Sending you and Dave my sympathy on the loss of Daisy. Daisy must have had wonderful care to be 11 years old. I hope you can find Dave another bunny friend.
The forum has a rainbow bridge section if you wish to share your memories of Daisy.
I'm sorry you lost Daisy (although happy she lived such a long & happy life with you) Good luck in finding a friend for Dave & welcome to the forum
Welcome to the forum sorry to hear about Daisy. Hope you find Dave a new pal when ready, have you searched the group page yet there are lots needing homes on there