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Heidi is with the angels June 24 2024

bunny momma

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Today Heidi joined Raven and all my other angel bunnies in heaven. She was our soft eleven year old black mini rex..
She was a fighter and it was beyond reason why she held on to life and enjoyed every moment until her cancer became too much for her to stay in her earthly form. She went peacefully at the vets at 11am today.

Send some extra vibes to my spouse who got very close to Heidi as he cared for her and gave her love, comfort, meds and care. I chose her to be our bunny almost 10 years ago, yet she chose him to be her human. She was his bunny honey. We both loved our soft, sweet, mini rex. She was a very good girl and will be missed.

Tears make it hard to write more.
I am sorry that you and your spouse had to let Heidi go 😢💔 You obviously put her needs before anything else and enabled her to have a dignified passing.

RIP beautiful Heidi ❤️🌈❤️
I'm so sad to read your update about your Heidi :cry: I know though that you would have decided this was best for Heidi, whilst being very upsetting for you both. In my view the reason why she hung on to life as long as she did and enjoyed her life as long as she did, was because she knew how loved and cared for she was, so she waited until she found it impossible to wait any longer.

Big hugs for both you and your spouse. We will also miss hearing about her.

Sleep tight lovely bunny ❤️ and go find your friends. I expect Raven will be pleased to see you again.
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Oh, I'm so sorry for you and your spouse, bunny momma. 😢 I'm thinking of you and sending hugs on this very sad day.
Sleep peacefully, Heidi.
So very sorry that you have lost your special girl, but what a wonderful age. Hugs for you and your husband x Sleep tight with your bunny friends Heidi xx
I'm so, so very sorry it was time to say goodbye to sweet Heidi, bunny momma... She coped so amazingly with her cancer for such a long time, and I'm so sorry that came to an end. She always sounded like such a special bunny and I know she was very loved by you and your spouse. I'm sending you both a lot of hugs. Sweet dreams, precious Heidi. ❤️
RU friends,
We appreciate your words of comfort during this difficult time.
It was also a blessing to have RU members give us support and advice when we first learned of her cancer diagnosis.