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Goodbye Oliver


Warren Scout
I lost my beautiful little Oliver on Friday, just 2 weeks before his 12th birthday. I was with him until the very last moment and held him for the last few hours as he did not want to be put on the floor.

Oliver you were such a wise and strong little man. You were very curious and never missed a thing. You loved your home and always felt safe and happy there with Gracie. New hides and rearranging things always caused lots of excitement. You were tiny but this did not stop you bossing around your bunny friends. You loved laying with Gracie and sharing licks and cuddles on your terms of course! You enjoyed being talked to and listened intently. You were incredibly brave the last couple of years and the vet was always amazed at your calmness and patience whilst they treated you. Goodbye my brave, resilient boy. You will be safe and at peace with all the bunnies at the end of the rainbow bridge. I will look after Gracie who is missing you. Love you always xxx
I'm really sorry to hear that you have lost Oliver, but what a wonderful age, and so pleased that you were with him at the end. Run free at the bridge little one xx
What a lovely long life you gave Oliver. I'm so sorry for your loss. My thoughts are with you & Gracie .

Sweet dreams Oliver xx
Binky free at the Bridge little one.

So sorry for your loss xxx

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Nicki, I am sending sincere condolences to you and Gracie for the loss of your lively Oliver. Binky free Oliver. Hugs.