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Frosty passed away today


Wise Old Thumper
He had been ill for a few days but this morning he was keeping to the corner of the shed. I had booked him in to be pts. He died before the appointment.

Glad he passed at home with his friend Daisy. He would have been 10 in November. He is the agouti and white rabbit.

Rest in peace Tottlington schmoo xxx

I'm so sorry :( Rest in Peace Frosty, you were a super handsome bunny xx I hope Daisy is managing ok, you too
Thank you everyone. Daisy was with him for a few hours after he passed. She sat near by and ate her evening pellets.

I am hoping to bond her with one of my other m/f pairs. Eek! Bonding.
So very sorry to that you have lost Frosty, but pleased that he passed at home. Big hug for you and Daisy xxx