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Foreign body in poor bunny's nostril!


Mama Doe
My poor Florence - I really should try to post a pic shouldn't I? - she has been sneezing quite a bit over the past few weeks and, when I mentioned it to my vet, he said she might be allergic to something but keep an eye on her cos it could be snuffles. However there was no creamy discharge and very little "snot" around her nose, all clear really. Anyway, I was brushing the "angel" (not as she always tries to nip me when she doesn't like what I am doing - she's not nasty though) and when I turned her on to her back, I could see something moving in her right nostril as she inhaled and exhaled: when I looked closer, I could see that it was the end of a piece of grass, couldn't get it out with my fingernails so off goes Dr. Lizzie with surgical intent to get the tweezers - gently grasped the end of the grass and pulled out about 3 or 4 cm blade of grass!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I couldn't believe it! And the sneezing has definitely been dying off.

I had read that sneezing can be caused by FB's in the nose but I wouldn't normally dream of poking around, would leave it to the vet but this was so obvious that it was not a problem to remove. How relieved that little girl must feel to be rid of it, just wish I had realised weeks ago!!! :D

Oh my goodness Lizzie, I cannot believe this little incident that became poor Florence.
Your Detective Lizzie skills are as finely tuned in as ever, you definately seem to have a nose for these things :lol: ..what did you say when you realised Florence had a bit of grass up her nose...hello, hello, and what do we have here then? :lol:
Seriously though....grass up ones nostril does sound horrible....and I thought boggeys were bad enough :lol: :lol:

Well done you, bet Florence is so relieved....but folks watch out, our Lizzie is armed and dangerous..first the hedge trimmers, next the bread knife and now the tweezers...I think I should pop over to supervise, goodness knows what mischief you will be getting up to next :lol:
I know it is a bit of a damp Bank Holiday weekend, but honestly lizzie the things you do to entertain yourself.... :roll:
Oh my golly, I've attached the picture!!!!!! I am so clever!!! Florence is the one on the right with her teddy bear husband, Bailey, or Mr. B as I like to call him!!! Aren't they sweet? LL I hope you have had this picture blown up to 80 x 60 and it is hanging somewhere prominent in your living room???!!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

La la la la la la .......I'm so pleased, nearly as pleased as I was when Adele came back yesterday!!! Yes, I do have an interesting life don't I? High spot of my day getting a piece of grass out of rabbit nose! :lol:
Ahhhh what a beautiful photo Lizzie , no wonder you are so chuffed with yourself :D ..me wants Florence and Mr. B.........can you send them this way for a little holiday in the Sanctuary please....pretty please?? :D

Lizzie you think YOUR life is sad...well it cannot be as sad as mine as I have this morning been digging ear wax out of Tigers ear with a cotton bud...Oh Boy! what is it about us that makes us fish about in bunnies ear and nostrils when we could be doing something much more NORMAL instead...I think we are eccentric :shock: ...we have to be!!..only explanation.
:lol: :lol:
Lizzie this happened to a friends rabbit and is not that uncommon. The rabbit was taken to the vets and they did not pick it up at all. It was the "raspy" breathing noise that alerted her to the problem. I know that this sounds daft but pressure on the rabbit’s throat (gentle) stopped the rasping noise. it was a combination of a stethoscope and tweezers that eventually sorted the problem. i don't even want to think how the rabbit managed to ingest the grass!
Foreign body in poor rabbits nostril!!

Lynda , if they are it'll be the realy happy ones with a case of the munchies you want to look out for :roll: :roll: :wink: :lol: .
Thanks HB!!! *Puffs up with pride, big smile on face* Anyone else listen to Dead Ringers on Radio 4???? Don't you young things split your sides with laughter, it's a really funny satirical prog!!! Honest!!! Great for Friday evenings but it isn't on at the moment.

Don't you think that Bailey looks like a cuddly teddy bear? He is such a sweet lad.

And just one more thing, if my bunnies have access to that sort of "grass", then I want some!!!!!!!!!!! :lol:

And just one more thing, if my bunnies have access to that sort of "grass", then I want some!!!!!!!!!!! :lol:[/quote]

OMG Lizzie time for a serious Admin. Diplomacy session me thinks!!. :shock:
We have to weed out the Forum drug users asap ......that is one bad habit too many :lol: :lol:
Ooooh dot dot dot dot that word that Tamsin won't let me say!!!!!!! :lol:

I just lurrrrve that rolling on the floor with laughter emoticon it is so coooool!!!!! :D
Lynda..your postings and icons make me grimace and collapse laughing all at once, I think we award you most entertaining postee of RU 2004 :lol: :lol: :lol: ....perhaps Tamsin and I should run a competition for this, as although this Forum has a serious purpose we may as well have a hoot and fun at the same time...thoughts folk?? :?: :D