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Ellie - May 2016 - December 2021


Wise Old Thumper
We got Ellie to bond with our neutered boy Arnie after he lost his brother. They bonded straight away and despite the size difference Ellie was a confident and fiesty pig who settled straight in :love: They lived together happily for 2 years until Arnie became ill and lost the use of his back legs, Ellie was very good around him and gentle. After we lost Arnie we adopted Marcie and the bonding was quite tough and the girls spent a bit of time before accepting eachother but it all worked out well. Marcie was sadly only with us a couple of years and poor Ellie was on her own again until she went to a rescue and chose Rocco, Rocco really loved Ellie and was always showing how happy he was to be with her. Ellie was doing well and came through an operation to have a lump removed well, she was fine one night and up and about as usual in the early hours but by 9am she was hiding in the igloo at breakfast time which was very unusual. She was seen by a vet who couldn't find anything obvious so gave pain relief, she was clearly very uncomfortable still so we took her back and the exotic vet saw her who advised she was very poorly. Despite treatment and hospitalisation we had a call an hour or so later to say she had passed away. :cry:

I hope Ellie is reunited now with her previous partners while we do our best to look after Rocco.

31939583_1645646902198959_1197280132998365184_n by Hliz, on Flickr

IMG_20180527_145518152 by Hliz, on Flickr

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IMG_20200808_195637465 by Hliz, on Flickr
Thank you everyone, she certainly had a lot of character :love: She looked like Arnie's brother Bertie, in some photos I have I have to look twice to realise which pig it is :lol:
I'm so sorry Ellie has gone. :cry: Thinking of you at this sad time. I hope Rocco will be okay. ((((((Huge hugs))))))
Sweet dreams, Ellie