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Casper and Sophie are ill

oh Casper :(

What did the vets say about their sneezing episodes?
Ah, that's kind of you to ask. She couldn't find anything physically the matter with them and thinks they might be sneezing because of dust from all the mats and rugs and things we put on the floor after cleaning. She said to keep an eye on it for now, since they'll be back at the vets on Friday for Sophie's therapy anyway. So, I'm relieved they didn't need antibiotics and it doesn't seem to be an illness/infection making them sneeze.

Poor Casper hope he gets better soon :( xx
Aw, thank you, KCG. He's doing better now, thankfully. :love:
I just read about their sneezing and hope it subsides quickly. Do they have anything new, like carpet, that may have that new smell?
I just read about their sneezing and hope it subsides quickly. Do they have anything new, like carpet, that may have that new smell?
Thank you, bunny momma. Yeah, they have new hemp mats and new vet bed. They peed on the vet bed, though, so that's not in their room anymore as it needs to be washed. I don't think those really smell like anything, but my nose isn't as good as a bunny's, of course.
Casper and Sophie had a check up today when Sophie was at the vets for her laser therapy, because while they've been eating well for a week now, their poops are still really small, and while they've been sneezing less, Casper has had some moments where he was making snorting sounds and he sounded a bit wheezy when I held him to put him in the carrier today. Thankfully, the vet couldn't find anything wrong with Casper's breathing, and his lungs and heart sounded fine, so it must've been a temporary thing. And she said that since they're eating well, the small poops aren't really a reason for concern since, while small, they look good, and their bellies felt fine. So, I'll just keep an eye on everything. Maybe their guts are just taking a bit longer to return to normal after their not-eating episode than they did when they were younger.

We're also going to try some new eye drops for Casper's endlessly returning teary eye.
Sending vibes that Casper's new eye drops help.
It must be a relief that the vet did not detect any respiratory or heart issues to explain sneeze sound.
Glad they both got on well at the vets Reader, and that Caspers lungs are clear. Hope the eye drops help with his weepy eye, sending more keep well vibes, and some for you too xxx
Aw, thank you all so much, j&b, bunny momma, and Pets mum. :love: Casper's not too happy with the new eye drops. He got his usual eye drops twice a day, but he needs these four times a day, so that's not fun for him, poor boy.