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Candle Ceremony 2021


Wise Old Thumper
This is a thread for anyone to post photos/tributes/memories and/or light a candle for any pets lost in 2021. As we move into the new year they will never be forgotten and live on in our hearts. :love:

I will post this evening who I'm remembering, and sending vibes to anyone who needs them. xx
My daft boy Lord Herbert


. xxxx
My beautiful girl Treacle, missed and loved every day since you left us on your 8th birthday in May.

Love you Treacie bun xxx

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My beautiful boy Leo who so tragically passed back in May. I am still grieving over his passing

And Lillian who sadly went to the bridge in January - Leo and Lillian were inseperable and such a beautiful bonded pair. I miss both rabbits so very much.
Binky free Butter-Bean
I'm so so sorry you didn't get to enjoy the grass in the new garden for longer
I know you loved it so much
My heart aches for you
I'm so sorry

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