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bonding a trio to a quad!


New Kit
i currently have a bonded trio made up of
Girl age 2
Boy age 2
Boy age 8

i’m adopting a Girl, age 5, and plan to bond her into my trio (to make a quad) - i will be using the 24/7 bonding method (small space, expand as behaviour improves) but any advice would be appreciated on how to manage it/ what to expect

i bonded the trio myself, and them to a pair before that so i do have experience but all advice is appreciated too !

the younger boy is mildly aggressive - 99% of the time only over food though, and never anything more than a little nip/quick chase! my eldest is good as gold and never picks any fights, and my girl 110% prefers bunny company over humans but i’ve never bonded her with a girl before and i don’t know if that will make much difference!

my current three are dwarf lops, and i’m bonding them to a dwarf lop/lionhead mix. she has been bonded to pairs (with a dwarf lop!) a couple times before but been on her own for a year or so

again just looking for advice/tips from anyone who’s bid ed a quad or 2 girls before ! thanks in advance :)