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First time posting as I’m getting nowhere in my group im in !

Long story short my bunny had a baby and the baby was outside on the floor no signs of mum been pregnant no fur ect ! Unfortunatley I think mam has ate her baby ! But now mam is now making two nests in her bed ! Now I’m so confused ! Can anyone share some light on This or heard of anything like this before ???


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You don't give any details of timings or living arrangements, but, firstly, I would get her urgently checked over by a vet. She may still be pregnant and there may be issues with any remaining babies. I would also make sure that she has no access to the dad as she may well be pregnant again anyway - they will mate straight away after a birth, so there could potentially be a litter a month, which is pretty tough on mum and gives a poor outlook for the babies.

When she has recovered from this, ask your vet about getting her (and dad) neutered so they can live without the impact of hormones on their long term health.
I agree with Shimmer’s advice

You haven’t given any details about how long you have had the Doe or whether she is living with other Rabbits. How long ago did she deliver the first kit ? If within the last 24 hours it is essential to establish if she’s still actively in labour- straining, not eating, losing blood from her vagina. If she is this might mean that a kit is stuck in the birth canal. If that were to be the case then she won’t survive without Veterinary help.
Transporting her to a Vet could be very high risk, so you need to get a Vet out to do a Home Visit. If it’s impossible to get a Vet out to you then you are going to have to risk transporting the Doe to a Vet.

If there are other Rabbits with her remove them.

Once this situation has resolved please insure you get all of your Rabbits spayed/neutered to prevent any future ‘accidents’.