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Autumn- 30-06-2009 - 02-06-2019

Heartbreaking like a punch to the chest. I am so sorry about Autumn, he sounded like an extraordinary rabbit friend. Gentle hugs. Xxx
I love you and miss you every day mate. Would you ever believe that your friends are now older than you ever got to be. They are separate now- we always knew you kept them together, and they proved that very quickly. We miss you deeply.
I had a beautiful dream about you last night. You were loose, in a big field, massive outdoor space, with people walking around. I knew you were there somewhere but I didn’t know where. So I just called your name and made the food noise, like I always used to. And you came. Running super fast, binkying and then leapt at me. You felt exactly the same to hold in the dream, as you used to. What a privilege and wonderful surprise to have you show up overnight like that. Thank you.
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