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Arthur's ill U/D still struggling to get better


Mama Doe
Went out to feed Arthur and Dylan this morning and at first I panicked thinking Arthur had escaped as I couldn't see him. Eventually found him huddled under his hutch. I put pellets in for him and normally he charges at me and starts eating straight away but this morning he just looked at the bowl and turned his nose up. I managed to coax him out with some carrot tops and he did eat a few pellets but not acting normal at all.

I haven't a clue what could be wrong, he is healthy looking, good shiny coat and his teeth are good. His eyes looked a bit hazy. His tummy is nice and soft and his bum is clean.

Its like he is depressed.

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has he pooed? keep him moving around, get him his fave treats.

if you can't get him to eat much/ or he isn't pooing, get him straight to the vets x
OK thanks, the OH is at home today so I've just told him to look out for poop's and to be ready to go to the vets.

Its really unlike him not to eat much he is normally such a hog.
Sounds like the onset of stasis to me... during which they may still produce a few droppings. I would get him to the vet and have it treated before it gets worse!
Well he is home now. OH took him as I am at work.

Vet thinks that the thunder storms we've had have stressed him out. He has been given the usual statis drugs and we've got to keep and eye on him.

Glad he is home though.

He is being given a SS mush mix through the syringe and has eaten a piece of Timmy hay and a bit of herb.

Vet suggested syringing water too which I think most people on here do. He is inside at the moment and seeming more contented apparently.

Thanks for the vibes everyone.
How do you syringe stuff into a rabbit? Mine just won't tolerate the syringe anywhere near his mouth.

when your bun is poorly its really easy.. i never thought id get anything into Alvin till he had stasis and then he had no fight in him i didnt even have to do the bunny burrito that thea posted the other day...

stasis is evil... i really hope Arthur has started to eat and poop
only just seen this - hope he's better soon - sounds like you have a good vet :) I just syringe water when Zinniea goes like this (seems to be connected to scary weather too) and infacol - she usually recovers after a few hours of warm drinkies with the syringe (just 10ml at a time then left for an hour to digest it)