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Vet Questions: Neutering


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The following are points you may like to discuss with your vet when considering neutering:


1-General enquiry about Vet's experience, some may only neuter 5 Rabbits a year, some 5 a day. A Vet who attends additional courses relating to Exotics may indicate that they have a specific interest in Rabbits

2- Should my Rabbit be starved before the surgery? (Answer should be NO.) If Vet says yes it may be advisable to go elsewhere.

3- Are internal sutures used to close the wound ?(therefore Bun cant nibble at them). Is cat-gut suture material used for internal suturing of a spay? (No longer advised by Rabbit Specialists as it is more likely to cause post operative adhesions)

4- Is a gut motility stimulant given AFTER the op'? (a good idea as the GA will slow down gut motility)

5- If Bun is hospitalised overnight is there a Vet/Vet Nurse on site at ALL times?

6- If Bun is not eating the day after the op' will more pain relief and gut motility meds be given BY INJECTION? (Oral medication will not be absorbed if the GI tract is not functioning effeciently).

7. My Rabbit is bonded to another Bun. Can they both be admitted? (This really helps the Bun being operated on as they will get comfort from their Bunny friend)

Vet should explain clearly what is required re post operative care. This should include:

Keeping Outdoor Buns indoors in a non-centrally heated room for 24-48 hours

Bedded on Towels/Vetbed for a few days

Check wound twice a day

Careful monitoring of eating/poo production. Bun should have done both 12 hours after op'.

Not allowing Does to jump up onto or down from high areas for 7 days. Bucks can return to normal exercise after 48 hours

Written by Jane Feb 2007.