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The baby bunnies

Lord Trellis

Mama Doe
I think its time to start a conversation about the baby bunnies that died... I never thought I would be here so soon.

I didn't really have long enough with the baby bunnies to watch them grow or get to know them properly. There were 5 in total and despite my short time with them I started to get to know a few of there personalities like for example after feeding time in the mornings, one particular rabbit liked to climb up my arm and sit in the hood of my sweater and would stay there so I would end up walking all around the house getting on with my daily things with a bunny in my hood looking out. It loved it in my hood and sometimes I would forget he was still in there just sitting peacefully observing what I am doing and he would do this after every feeding time each morning.

It was sad and unfortunate to lose them so soon although they were going too eventually be re-homed I was planning on keeping two of them. In all my time of keeping rabbits I've never experienced this. They say there is a first time for everything.

They got buried in Barnet where there is woodlands and green fields where they can all run about freely in there afterlife.
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You gave the babies a chance they would not have had you not accepted the responsibility for their care. The baby resting in your hood must have made you smile. Treasure those memories.
I am sorry for your loss. I know how devastating it is to lose young bunnies suddenly.
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The deaths of the babies was tragic. Any loss of a Rabbit is hard to cope with, but it is especially hard when the Rabbits were just babies.

May they now be at peace together

Lord Trellis, the following comment is NOT a judgement on your actions or a personal criticism…….

It is important to note that we must all hope that the deaths were definitely not due to RHD which only PMs could confirm. The only reason I feel this needs to be mentioned is because if there is ever even the smallest chance that the cause of any sudden death might be due to RHD the deceased must never be buried. They must be cremated. This is because burying a Rabbit who died due to RHD will contaminate the land and endanger the wild Rabbit population. RHD can live for very many months in the environment and soil. Disease spread is inevitable if a RHD infected body is buried