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Thank you and Farewell


Wise Old Thumper
To all the Sanctuary Rabbits. The rabbits who came because they had no where else to go. Those who came and taught me so much. Those who helped me help my other rabbits from a different time, but who still needed medical care and knowledge. Those who came and livened up my home and my heart.

Thank you.

Thank you for being here and loving your lives. I hope I did you all justice.

Candyfloss- Arrived 02-07-2008 – Died 04-07-2015.


Summer- Arrived 17-08-2008 – Died 20-06-2009


Roger- Arrived 05-09-2008 – Died 22-08-2013


Tilly- Arrived 14-10-2008 – Died 19-12-2009


Autumn- 30-06-2009 – 02-06-2019


Rosie- Arrived 09-11-2009 – Died 24-06-2010


Wish- 23-04-2010 – 18-11-2021


Flame- 23-04-2010 – 16-11-2020


Fizz- 23-04-2021 - 10-01-2011


Butterfly- Arrived 25-11-2010 – Died 19-01-2016


Hay Monster- Arrived 25-11-2010 – Died 13-06-2012


Crystal- Arrived 05-03-2012 – Died 06-09-2018


This beautiful collection of bunnies are only those who died with me, this doesn’t include those who were nursed to health and then rehomed (Little, Snowy), or who were transported safely to other rescues because they couldn’t be cared for where I volunteered, or those whose ‘rescues’ I was involved in but they didn’t survive, or those who I was too late to help (Silky, Smokey, Parsnip). I’ve found all the photos and memories of you too- you are remembered too. It also doesn't include my non sanctuary rabbits, but you are all deeply loved and I trust you knew that too.

I haven’t looked back at memories of you all for a long time. I realise that I always just put off my grief to focus on the living. Now that the last one of you has gone, I have to say farewell to you all. I finally have to grieve. It was an absolute privilege.

Thank you, and farewell. I will carry you all, always.

Made me cry too - beautiful photos and words.
They were in no doubt that you loved and cared.
I wept too. Such beautiful souls :love: It was an honour to see all their gorgeous little faces :love:.You've helped so many bunnies & they've helped you:love: You've also helped other forum users - I for one have greater confidence in my abilities to advocate for my bunnies health needs following your thread some years ago