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soreted ... and violet on her way


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This is to get Violet to her new home .

We are just off junction 36 of M1 and her new owner is in Hampshire .
She can travel up around an hour to meet someone .

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I offered on the other post but will do so again now so it's on the 'official' post. :lol: I am moving to within a half hours drive of barc in early oct and if this cannot be sorted out any quicker I can do a door to door bunny run :wave:

If we end up going up there between then and now I will get in touch and see if I can help out!
Thanks Helena.

I'm starting a three week full-time training course in October but it isn't until 14th. At least I know that George will get his wife - even if he has to wait a while.

Thank you so, so much for volunteering to help out.
Is our normal meeting place on the A34 too far for you now? If not we can always go for that again xx

No, that's still fine. An hour was only a rough estimate. It's a good place to meet as there is a loo and I can get a coffee and stretch my legs and shoulders. It would be fantastic if you could help out again. George is totally lost at the moment. He wasn't even enthusiastic about a carrot when I gave him one as a treat. He usually loves carrots:( He is spending most of his time in his crate in the corner with his back to me. I've just cleaned out his tray and there were lots of droppings otherwise I would be really worried. He must be eating his pellets (Pippa sometimes helps herself so I am never entirely sure where they go).

I may try giving him a cuddly toy tonight to see if that helps at all.
Okay well I can do this Wednesday. I have to be home by 4 so the latest I can meet is 12.30/1 but 11 would be best if you can? If that's no good you may have to rely on the October trip as I'm on holiday the following 2 weeks. I'm sorry if that isn't much help :/ I get so busy these days it makes bunny running much harder. If you have any specific free days just let me know and I'll keep an eye out to see if one ends up being a quiet day I can get off work!!
Wed should be fine as I am doing a night shift so have the day free.

I am hoping it will be an easy bond as I have a pair booked in and then a quad. Hadn't planned to need to bond my own bun.

Exciting - will be so wonderful to see George being George again.

I won't be on-line at all tomorrow as I'm doing a 14 hour shift and don't have any internet access. I only have a basic mobile so can't connect using that.

I can do 11 on Wed if that's better for you. I am so, so grateful to you.
Wednesday at 11 it is :) violet is on her way to me as I write this hehe. Glad it's workin out. Do you still have my number? It hasn't changed hehe never does.
Just got in from work. A very long shift!

Yes, I still have your number.

Thank you so much for doing this. I think George understands his wife is on her way as he nommed a carrot this morning and actually periscoped to beg for it:)

He is still not himself though but he is eating enough for me not to need to syringe feed.

I hope Violet copes with the travelling OK. Can't wait to meet her:) Trying to think where to put her on Wednesday as I have a pair to bond arriving on Thursday and already have guinea-pigs in my bedroom. I could put her in the study but I will probably be using that to bond so would prefer to find somewhere else. She could well end up in the shower-room but at least there is nothing in there she can chew and once I've moved everything from the floor she will have enough room to hop around.

If she seems to settle quickly and her input and output are OK, I will start the bond sooner, rather than later.

See you on Wednesday xx