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Rob's Unwell


Mama Doe
Hi - my wee man is unwell again - had a bad weekend with him last week, and he seemed to be so much better, but when I went into his room this morning it was obvious he was unwell again. He has stopped passing droppings, and isn't passing much urine either. He keeps straining, and when he is doing this, he is making wee squeeking noises, like he is in pain.

We saw the emergency vet this morning - put him on antibiotics (baytril), gave him some metacam, and some metachlo (can't remember exact name, but replacement for Prepulsid I think). He is not really eating, and just wants to lie about - we have got him to eat a little basil, kale and parsley, but he is not keen. We are keeping him warm - seems happy to lie next to hot water bottle type thing.

He seems to be prone to these problems - if anyone has any other ideas we should be doing, let me know.
Oh Dear Lynn, I am so sorry to hear about your poorly bunny.....we have had a lot of experience of this type of problem in bunnies, and although all the obvious things are in place, you could perhaps try some other things too.
Firstly when bunnies have bladder problems or most types of illness, gut statis(slow down of gut movement) is a very big problem.
If any of our bunnies are in antibiotics, we give probiotics for their gut bacteria, and kitty malt (prevents fur balls in cats) in small doses daily to keep the gut moving..propulsid does the same I believe.
If the bunny has a bladder infection they tend to either drink much more than usual, or stop drinking altogether as their bladder feels full as they cannot empty it so often.
Is the bunny drinking okay??
Are you able to syringe some water yourself, adding a teaspoon of unsweetened cranberry juice is good if the bunny has a bladder infection as it helps reduce the acid levels enabling easier passing of urine.
Sometimes when bunnies have bladder problems they hold urine and if you gently press the abdomen/ bladder area whilst holding bunny over an old towel or bowl, it will make the bunny gently pass water.
Retention of urine can be a potentially deadly situation...keep checking what the bunny is drinking..and what is being eliminated as urine.
If no urine is passed for half a day or more, go back to your Vet asap especially if a bladder condiiton has already been diagnosed.
Is the bunny eating?? Massage the bunnies tummy to as this helps keep the gut moving.
Offer a tiny handful of fresh herb or celery as this is water based (but not cucumber or cabbage as this is gas producing).
I am just telling you things that have worked for our bunnies, and we have had over 400 pass through our doors to date.
PM at anytime if I can help further
Love to you and the bunny, hope things improve very soon :D
Oh Adele, you are a marvel!!!! :D

Lynn, I do hope wee Robbie will be feeling better soon, my thoughts are with you, I know how distressing these things are! My Charlie used to be prone to stasis but somehow he doesn't seem to be any more and I don't quite know why: has other problems but not stasis. Please keep us informed.
Lynn, sorry to hear the little chaps not feeling too good, I'm sure he'll be back on top form before you know it. Sending plenty of snuggles and nose rubs and a special hug for his worried Mam.
Hi there - thanks for your good wishes.

Adele - he is drinking slightly more than usual, but he doesn't normally drink that much. The vet felt his bladder area, and didn't think there was much in it, so it might be he thinks he needs to go, but doesn't really.

I have been massaging his tum - the last time I done it, he voluntarily went to his bowl after it to have something to eat, not much, but something. He has lots of fresh herbs available, and I have mixed up some recovery mix - he hasn't eaten it yet, may try syringing it later.

Spoke with Lynda, who thinks it does sound bladder related, and that I need to keep fluids going in. We now have five different types of flavoured water to try, although he had just shoved the one with cranberry right out the way (I liked the fiestyness, as it's the most he's moved in a while. Will try the others - again, might resort to syringing.

I have all my fingers and toes crossed.
Oh Lynn we really do wish your bunny a speedy recovery,all the Sanctuary bunnies have their paws crossed for you :D
Went to see the vet again this morning, as there wasn't much improvement overnight. He did pass about a dozen droppings, but was still straining in his litter trays. We got our vet to x ray without any sedation, and he was such a good boy - sat still and got a good xray. There doesn't appear to be any blockages / stones (such a relief), and the vet says his underneath doesn't feel tense / full. However, there seemed to be quite a bit waiting to move through the gut, so we're not sure whether it's bladder or gut related (maybe a mix of both).

He now has a cocktail of medications to be syringed - painkiller, antibiotic, propulsid tablet, zantac and the metachloprimide (most of them twice a day, not painkiller), so you can tell that I am less than popular at the moment. Still can't tempt him to eat too much - he had some milled oats earlier today and a little basil, mint & parsley, but not much. We also have a new recovery mix type thing to try later today if he still won't eat. He isn't drinking as much as yesterday - I am syringing some water / cranberry (Lynda I bought five types of flavoured water, and the wee torag wouldn't drink any voluntarily - not even grape :( )

On the positive side, he seems much brighter / alert today, and is moving about more, which is good, but could just be effect of painkiller.

His wee eyes look brighter today - they were very dull and dark yesterday.
Lynn so sorry to hear that you and Rob. are still having a difficult time, please give him a cuddle from us, we are sending positive healing thoughts his way.
Hugs for you too, you are a star doing all you are for him. :D