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Remembering Lillian bunny 7th January 2020

Craig 1965

Warren Veteran
Gosh, these posts never get any easier and for me they seem to be getting too frequent.
Our dear sweet Lillian bunny went to the bridge a year ago today. Like far too many, the memories of that day are etched into my mind and every day I spend a few moments thinking fondly of Lillian and the times we shared and she shared with her hus-buns.
We rescued Lillian from a poor start in life and she proved to be quite an independant lady. Lillian had a tallent for sploofing - her expoits are well remembered and documented on the RWSA part of the forum.
Lillians first bond was with nethie harlequin hus-bun Henry and they had a really close bond. They shared all their moments close together and loved nothing better than to sunbathe in the garden or playing hide and seek in the garage
Lillian also loved sitting or sploofing under the living room table - liking nothing better than snuggling up next to Henry
Sadly Henry also went to the bridge in January 2019 and we had to find Lillian a new husbun and beautiful Leo entered her life and Lillian warmed to his charms.
This is also my screen saver at work.
Lillian suffered terribly from urinary issues and the vets tried so very hard to find a way to control the spasms that Lillian was prone to but ultimately and very suddenly, it was one of these episides that took Lilllian to the bridge.
We all miss her so very much each and every day - and every day we look at Flo we see so very much of Lillians spirit. And if there is one thing Lillian had alot of, it was spirit.
I'll never forget our sweet Lillian. Our garden was your sanctuary and you are resting peacefully in your favorite spot now.
Craig xxx
What a lovely tribute to commerate the life of a bunny who will forever be remembered as beautiful on the inside and the outside. Sending hugs.
Can't believe it's been that long Craig. I remember her so well, and always loved hearing about, and seeing her photos, as I have all of your buns. R.I.P. beautiful Lillian xxx
Aaaw. Such a lovely tribute. Your garden is so beautiful - a very fitting final resting place for such a special bun :love: