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Remembering Alfred 9th June 2022

Craig 1965

Warren Veteran
Sometimes a year can pass quickly. Sometimes it does not. The last 12 months for me has felt immensely long and has felt extremely empty. The memories from the 9th June 2022 dont fade and each and every day is a day I remember our time with Alfred and his time with us. And it was all too short. Every morning I pay a visit to the area of the garden where our bunnies are in their forever sleep and I spend a few quiet moments reflecting on all their lives. And not a day passes when I wish I could turn back the clock. All my rabbits hold a spacial place in my heart and my life but few have left the wound in my heart that Alfred has left.
Alfred was an amazingly gentle rabbit. A rabbit that lived life at both extremes. He loved to sleep - and he was a master at the DBF. He would sleep for long periods like this, comfortable, relaxed, content. When he was in awake mode, he was fearless, brave and had an unstoppable desire to explore. He had the courage of a lion and his curiosity got him into all sorts of places. He had an ability to climb areas - he worked things out so very quickly. And he loved to binkey and run fast - like the wind. Garden zoomies were a favorite - I wish I had some on camera to share. He loved the garden and had favorite chilling spots and he also loved the independance that he had.
He also loved Flo. He was a superb companion for Flo and she loved him. Flo would follow Alfred on his adventures - she felt safe with him leading the way. Alfred loved to explore our garage - sometimes running the full length of our garden to follow me as I would go in the garage to get some food from our freezer or some tools to fix something. Flo would follow him and try to emulate his desire to explore all the difficult places.
Alfred was never any bother - other than trying to discourage him from climbing on things he should have been. And that is why I still struggle every day to comprehend why he fell ill as suddenly and unexpectidly as he did. We did everything we could as quickly as we could but it just wasn't enough. Alfred was being called to the Rainbow bridge and we had to say goodbye to such a big, beautiful and young rabbit who had so much life to live and so much love to give. I cried when he left, and I still shed tears today, now and most days at his passing.
Flo was very much lost without Alfred. He was her snuggle bun and was her exporing companion and she felt his loss more then we did. And whilst Alfred will never be replaced, Flo has regained her happiness with Bertie who, perhaps in some ways has some of the spirit that Alfred had. And whilst Bertie is not renowned for his exporative nature, he is never far from Flo's side and has helped in his own unique way to help to heal Flos broken heart, and ours.
Alfred will always be a part of me and our family. I just deeply wish he was able to have spent many more years with us.
I will always remember you Alfred, and I hope that you have found many friends over the bridge to share your love of exploring with.
Craig, Jan, Alex & Flo xxxx



So sorry Craig, he was such a gorgeous bunny. Hope you are having fun at the bridge Alfred, big hugs Craig xx
What a lovely tribute for an exceptional bunny :love:
Thinking of you and sending comforting vibes your way as you remember this special soul. It's hard to believe it has been a whole year. :cry:

You are deeply missed, Alfred. xxxx
You wrote a lovely tribute for an amazing bunny. Sending you gentle hugs.

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