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Raven stasis and dental update post 38

bunny momma

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My little black nethie is a dental bunny. His last dental was Feb 28.
In the early hours of April 7th, around 2am, I noticed he did not eat his favorite greens, nor did he eat pellets, hay, or alfalfa. He also drank much less water than he usually drinks.
I also did not see any fresh poo or pee.
He gets daily medicam, yet was uncomfortable so he got the slightly higher dose he is allowed after his dentals.
He was offered syringe feed which he did not resist and took well. I was glad he wanted syringe feeds, yet very worried he only made a couple very hard poo and very little pee. . Over the next few hours He was given sub q fluids and motility meds and made several fresh poo and more pee.
He ate a couple dandelion greens and was tempted with his favorite carrot greens later that day which he began eating right away.
Raven is eating slowly, yet much less than usual, so I am giving critical care syringe feeds which he accepts, medicam, motility drug and fluids. His poo is smaller and less plentiful than usual.
He is stable and comfortable, nibbling a little hay. I will call vets Monday to schedule another dental. Please send vibes he remains stable and comfortable and I will be able to schedule his dental as soon as possible.
Raven is a very good boy and is very loved.
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Sending lots of vibes for Raven, as always he is having the best of care xx
Sending loads of thoughts and vibes for your boy, Raven. I hope the dental can be performed asap.
Poor boy, he really does struggle with his teeth doesn’t he. I do hope that he will remain stable and that your Vet will be able to fit him in for his dental next week.
Aw, poor lad. Sending vibes that he will feel better soon and whatever the cause of his poorly appetite and output will be resolved. xxxxx
loads of vibes for your beautiful good boy Raven . I hope he keeps nibbling and tucking in to his syringe feeds
I hope Raven will be able to see your Vet soon and you can keep him comfortable until then. xx
Zoobec, Omi, Inspector Morse, MimzMum, Kattymieoww, Joey & Boo, Pets mum, Tonibun, SarahS,
Thank you so much for your support. Raven is stable and is acting more like himself even though he is not eating his usual quantity. I am continuing with syringe feeds, motility med, medicam, and fluids. I feel better now that he is making regular poo, even though it is smaller than usual. Plus he does nibble some pieces of hay and alfalfa.
I will call the vets tomorrow and hope he can get a dental soon.
Raven will not eat moistened pellets or critical care on his own, yet he takes his syringe feeds well and enjoys the pets he gets too.
Sending millions of vibes for Raven. He has the most amazing mom in you, loooking after him and caring for him in such a special and loving way. I'm sure he is feeling the love that he is getting and there are certainly indications that he is starting to feel better. You are doing an amazing job and you are so in tune with him. I hope you can get to see the vet tomorrow and they can do the dental as soon as possible.
Craig x
Thanks Craig1965.
He usually perks up more quickly than he did this time so I was worried I noticed his illness too late this time. Raven is a little more than 1 kg, yet he is a very tough little bunny.
Overnight and this morning he stopped nibbling any food and had slowdown of gut. He got syringe feeds, medicam and metacloprinide. His poo was small . I think he needed to continue onhis higher Medicam dose which he is getting again today.

New reception at vet originally said booking in May, so I explained urgency and ask her to check with vet. Vet approved adding him to the schedule tomorrow!
We need extra vibes.
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Sending lots of vibes and good wishes for Raven's op tomorrow. I hope he can remain comfortable until then on the higher dose of pain relief.
I'm sorry to hear that Raven has slowed right down, but good that the vet has scheduled him in. Sending lots of vibes and thinking of you both xx
Omi, Pets Mum, Inspector Morse,
He was more comfortable this afternoon and was nibbling a small amount.
I am so glad vet is squeezing him in the schedule, though it is always a worry when he gets GA.
Hopefully the Vet will be aware of the need to adjust the GA protocol for Raven to take into account how frequently he needs them and the fact that his recovery from each one can be slow. I would certainly want him to have supportive IV fluids up and running. Topping up the vibes for him x