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Rabbit mouths: a thread


Where I am atm there's no phone signal and Internet is super slow.. Loading a thread on here takes minutes sometimes, same with web pages... [emoji51][emoji38] Idk how people live like this tbh [emoji38]

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Michael must be going bonkers! No phone signal would be a worry though.
Michael must be going bonkers! No phone signal would be a worry though.
He's doing okay actually [emoji38][emoji38] I'm pretty okay without signal and Internet for a while, Michael kinda needs it [emoji38]

I think if I lived here tho I'd get satellite Internet for sure, I looked at the speeds you can buy for here online and what we're using rn is literally it! [emoji38] You definitely couldn't work from home on this or do a teams call, literally no way [emoji38][emoji38]

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Why are people not posting more photos of cute bunny mouths? Come on, people. :lol:

I found some more to inspire you all to post more. :lol:







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ahhh, so very beautiful Reader. Even better than your first lot.

I got a pic of Eddy's mouth and another Boo one
So many lovely bunny mouths :love: :love:

I really enjoy that rabbit mouths look so similar to their noses so if you look at the mouth/nose area upside down, it just looks the same! :lol:
Boo has the cutest little mouth :love:

Eddy has the sort of mouth that looks like it could get up to some mischief :lol: