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Rabbit Dander

Yeah I think you're all good Tonibun, because your husbandry is. Hopefully it will pass

Funny thread though
My Rabbits are kept very clean and she knows that as she has been in my garden several times and is besotted by Benji who has been living in my kitchen. (She actually asked me if she could borrow him for a couple of days!). You can guess what I said! She has certain "issues", autism ADHD, can't do bright lights and high pitched noises. She has had Kittens in the past. I have 6 Rabbits which are close to the fence between our gardens but I am normally downwind of her. She does tend to complain about lots of things. to the Housing and the Doctor. There is no smell of wee as the litter trays are cleaned out every day. She has spent time petting Benji but never complained. The hay smells nice, maybe it's this? Maybe it was left behind by the previous tenant who had a Husky, a Lab and 2 Cats? She told me the Husky moulted all the time. Just don't know. Yes, I remember the lightbulb problem!
That is what I expected. If she did not suffer any asthma or any allergic reaction while in your garden, it sounds like a non issue. I agree about documenting her comments/visits.