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Pickle - Goat 30/12/2022


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We found Pickle in her forever sleep in the goat shed this morning :cry: It was a shock as she had been fine and behaving as usual yesterday, although she was very old. We are unsure of her age exactly but we have had her about 7 years and she was estimated as being at least 5 or 6 then. At least she was happy up until the end.

Charlie and Lola are her son and daughter and it’s their 6th birthday on 1st January. They both seem ok at the moment although I think they are confused. Charlie came for a cuddle when we got back from taking her to the pet crematorium.
Thankyou everyone. At least she seemed to have passed peacefully. I just feel really sad:cry:
Oh so sorry Zoobec, beautiful Pickle :( but I'm glad she was at home, and with Charlie and Lola. Sweet dreams Pickle, and a big hug for you Zoobec xxx
Oh Zoobec I'm so sorry. What a shock, no wonder you're sad. I too would take some comfort she lived to a really good age & didn't suffer. Best of all is the quality of life she had. Charlie coming in for a cuddle :love::cry:

Sweet dreams Pickle xx
Thankyou, both. Yes, I’m glad she seems to have slipped away in her sleep. Charlie is very much a cuddly boy normally but I could tell he definitely needed a cuddle today:cry: Lola is feisty and did not want a cuddle from me!
Goodness I remember when you first got her. RIP Pickle.

I know, when she came she didn’t like humans much at all, she was rescued from a bad home by the lady I got her from. Earning her trust was very special:love:
I’m so sorry.:cry: Your goats are a very special part of your family and this must have come as a huge shock. What a lovely life she had with you. X
Oh sweetie, I'm so very sorry to read that Pickle has gone. Bless you and your family and Charlie and Lola, what a terrible shock. :cry:

Thinking of you all at this very sad time. (((((((Huge hugs)))))) xxxxx
Thankyou all :love: I’m really trying to focus on the long and happy life she had but I just feel so sad :cry: