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Oreo has a bald patch

Lord Trellis

Mama Doe
She hasn't always had it I noticed it a few days ago when she stretches out, the bald patch is at the top of her neck. Its only noticeable when she stretches out and she don't like being petted anymore. I had a good look at her bad patch today, none of my other rabbits have this. The bald patch isn't sore its just an area of pink skin. She seems to be happy otherwise running about doing binkies, jumping and stuff.

Is her bald patch something to be concerned about?
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Back of the neck maybe mites.My late bun Rio had mites there. Off to vet for injections.Skin scrape shows them but not always.Vet stated they can come in on the hay.Used to freeze the hay for 24 hours after that.
It could be mites... are they visible to the naked eye?

I may need to take her in for a check up. Her vaccine was a month ago.
Here are a couple of photos of Oreo I'll see if I can get a photo of her bald patch later. She is sleeping right now so I'll wait until she has woken up.


Mites usually present as dandruff though. I love a black and white Dutch! We only seem to see yellow and white ones here!
What a beauty. Looks like my Loganberry. I always wanted a dutch rabbit ever since we found a neighbours agouti and white dutch rabbit in our garden ... and now I have one over 50 years later!

Hope Oreo is mite free.
Thanks :D

I can't see any dandruff on her, her fur is very clean. I'll keep an eye on the bald patch for now. Its very hard to see unless she stretches out.
Oreo's bald patch has almost gone, it did get much bigger before it started to get better. She keeps growling at me every time I go near her.