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Oh My Gosh 🙈


Young Bun
My little Pepper had an appointment for her annual vacc top-up this afternoon, and as we’ve just transferred over to a new Vet, I was a little anxious.

Pepper did great and even gave her new Vet a snuggle before we left (!).

Anyhoo, we got home and I poked her li’l butt through the carrier. She didn’t move. I poked her again. She still didn’t move.

I opened the door and callled her name. She didn’t move. I rumpled her bum. No movement.

My heart just about S T O P P E D. My Poppet passed on the way home from the Vets a number of years ago (after they told me she was “fine” when I brought her in as an emergency).

I lifted the lid up, expecting the worst - and the little madam moved… Finally!


I almost cried with relief!

I need a glass of wine now 😅
I think that your (anyone's) heart really does skip a beat. I'm with you re snuggles - allowing a little ear tickle is ok but anything close and personal should be most definitely confined to you as mummy! 😂
That sounds like a very scary few moments, my heart was pounding as I read this. Snuggles for the vet and scares for mummy just will not do! Glad she did so well at the vets.