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Odin and Freja's big day out


Alpha Buck
Both had to have second jabs for ear mites today, but it meant Freja had to come with us to acupuncture which was booked for just after. She's really mellowed in the past few months, and I think she quite enjoyed herself! She had the freedom of the room to explore, kept coming to check on Odin (had to be careful she didn't "care" for him by squashing him while the needles were in!!), found his towel to lie on, and then came to climb on me.
Odin found it really relaxing until the time was up, then he stood up, shook and sent most of the needles flying, then took off to explore too.
He's extremely opinionated just now which I'm taking as a good thing, even if it does make my life much harder because he doesn't want to lie still and let me brush, clean, syringe him.
He was a star, his ears are lovely and clear now which is a relief, I think his hearing has come back at least partially, but we're a bit worried about his bladder/kidney function so he had bloods taken (giant bunny ears make for easy blood draws!) and a urine sample and I'm just keeping fingers crossed I'm worrying over nothing.


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And a couple more 😁


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I'm so glad they look so good 😊. But also in the carrying case they look like those who have to travel on the bus/subway during rush hours after work hahah 😂😂😂😂😂
He looks so relaxed having his acupuncture doesn't he ? what a good boy, and Freja being very supportive 😊
I'm so glad they look so good 😊. But also in the carrying case they look like those who have to travel on the bus/subway during rush hours after work hahah 😂😂😂😂😂
Don't they?! That's why I took the photo. It's a bit tight for them now Freja is full size, but it is just for the very short journeys to the vet, if they had to go in for any longer they are crated. But it's on wheels so makes it much easier to move them around than needing a nurse to come and help me carry them in each time!!
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