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Norma - gentle little girl needing a home


Mama Doe
Norma is a white lop with pink eyes. She was found sat on the side of the road in the village next to mine. We’ve advertised for her owners but with no luck, & actually suspect she was dumped.

Temperament - she’s a very sweet natured gentle girl, happy to be fussed & comes to me whenever I approach her area. Now she’s relaxed into her new space she plays & is pretty active, & v inquisitive. She’s v food oriented, & gobbles everything super quick so I’ve been using treat balls, hiding her food etc & she seems to enjoy digging around for things.

Age - young, perhaps 2 ish.

Sex/Neuter Status - the vets pretty sure she’s female, I think she’s neutered as she was super easy to litter train, plus she was chipped, so I think perhaps she originally came from a rescue centre who would have neutered her.

Vaccination Status - unknown so she’s being vaccinated on Monday 25th March.

Health - very good, Norma eats huge amounts of hay & does massive poos, so her tummy is just fine. Vet checked her teeth & they look great. We’re pretty sure she’s mostly deaf, & like most albinos her eye sight is poor, but it doesn’t make much difference to her, & her sense of smell is phenomenal. She has some staining & matting around her bum & back feet, & slight staining on her tummy. It looks like she was previously kept in very poor conditions which have caused this. The vet & I shaved off what matts we could, & when I fuss her I’m gradually breaking the remaining matts up. She’s super clean, & looks after herself well so she’ll sort her matted bum out in time but the new owner will need to keep a close eye on it, & maybe help her a bit.

Type of home wanted - with someone and somebunny to l give her the love she deserves, she’s the most adorable sweet little lady.

Location - Cambridgeshire (near Huntingdon)

Reason for rehoming - found her on the side of the road.

Btw in the photos she’s not lying in her dirty litter tray - I gave her two litter trays, she chose to wee in one & she uses the other one as her bed. She’s v clean, it took 2 nights to get her to wee/poop in the litter tray.

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She is absolutely gorgeous. Reminds me so much of my Boo (when she was young). I hope she finds an amazing forever home
She's adorable. She'll make a super little bunny for a very lucky owner. Well done for all the help you've given her too. She was lucky to have been found.